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  1. gatekeeper cost send many people out the door
  2. Hard to make parties now, lost many players in 1 week. merge servers
  3. Dude, MMO's are Tinder for gamers, easy to hookup.
  4. If launch packs were bought on another server i'd agree 1 free transfer to that one.
  5. 70% of Aden probably cant read English
  6. I know so many people using 9 boxes for this event, perks of many PC's
  7. Someone is mad they have to come into the office on Sat.
  8. I'm not in a rush to even level 40 until porting is free
  9. strange times... and im having L2 withdrawals already
  10. Down indeed, I was like "facking ISP - im calling and cussing them out" o wait..nvm
  11. I can't finish quest after changing my class, Future: People I think I should still be able to claim the quest reward, regardless if I changed class or not.
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