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  1. already did, response I got was "we cant do anything fo you, but the cat will stay in town longer".... worst try to compensate a mistake ever.
  2. As the title said please rollback the attendance check event, I personally missed the Shumanai's Weapon pack and the one 100% exp rune. Now I wont say delete everybody's attendance from the patch error you guys made, mainly 'cause Im assuming it would take a lot of time to do that (not really sure), just reverse the attendance rewards 2 days at the point when it was before the patch error, im not the only affected a couple of players missed the bloody rune, in any case its not fair for everybody.
  3. please, rollback the attendance rewards 2 days.
  4. I have claimed the 7th and 8th days from the incorrect attendance, does that means I actually lost the previous attendance rewards? (The Shumanai's Weapon Pack and the 100% rune).
  5. I claimed the 7th and 8th day from the incorrect attendance, does this mean Im have lost the previous attendance rewards? (The shumanai's weapon pack and the 100% exp rune).
  6. Going back means "going back to the experience", where you had to grind your way to the best, where you had to farm in groups and everything had a meaning, does not mean "we're gonna throw a C1 server, play". Classic means, going back to the classic way to play the game before GoD.
  7. all the things that are similar to GoD are mostly visual and UI improvements, besides that the core system is not the same as GoD.
  8. I always concider necromancer the best class for pvp, you got fear and anchor + transfer pain... the bad thing is its freaking expensive, you need BSS and bones. The other class that I like for pvp is spellsinger, for me those are the best classes for pvp.
  9. nope, the destruction system is perfect. You want to PK non-stop? stick to the consequences.
  10. no, this is not a shitty H5 or gracia private server boy.
  11. Actually "Classic" refers to the classic core gameplay of lineage, the grind in groups, the crafting, the RB camp. That's what Classic actually means, to go back at how the game was originally played, that does not mean they cant add new stuff (like the NC Store for example, hey, they have to make money somehow right? or the graphics from the current live version), the no death drop its kinda a downer for me because its too "carebear" (sort of speak), about the looping macros I hope they do the right thing and take that away from the game. Anyway, Classic is a whole new experience appart from
  12. Since im not planning of join a CP im down with this. I dont like the concept to a CP as a job (sort of speak), I mean, I want to enjoy the game.
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