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  1. @Juji@Hime Could you please update us with these info? • Timer on Winter Supply Package items - Why there is no timer when they are gonna be deleted? Or are they even gonna be deleted? • Aegis Weapon - What is that? Could you provide any more info? Or should each player place an individual ticket and let the support do the work?
  2. Maybe this Twitter account would help you. https://twitter.com/LineageIIOps You can find this link in there: https://t.co/OL9klmeega?amp=1 Now stop arguing and get a out-of-game life. It is also good and has up to date graphics. Edit: Btw, for those who want to compensate for lost exp:
  3. Hi Hime, are you going to put the zodiac enchant chance back to its previous state or you keep it the new way?
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