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  1. Macro loop deletion

    Macro looping MUST be deleted imo.
  2. Subclass/Dual Class

    Hello, I need to know what are the benefits of having a Subclass/Dual Class. Do you get any bonuses at all? Is it required one to have a Subclass? I'd love to know everything on this topic. (Off-topic) Do spiritshots increase the damage of Iss?
  3. Crafting gear

    Thank you guys!
  4. Crafting gear

    That is very good for you however, I don't know how to afk farm and I do not plan to use my credit card so I still need to know how to craft my own gear.
  5. Crafting gear

    Hello, I just hit lvl 95 for the first time. I'm curious how do I craft gear. Do I need to level a dwarf? I'm Iss Hierophant, any help and tips would be appreciated.
  6. Buffer classic

    Cool thanks
  7. Buffer classic

    Hello, I'd like to know what's the best buffer for classic?