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  1. Lets be honest for a second here if it wasnt for the fact beppler a.k.a L cheating or the gms not responding to the communitys outpour about it for months chopper you would have 100% won not only the wyvern but also the boss loot box. This is why they need to ban 1969 as well right now for all the scripting he does. @Juji
  2. Hey all solo players or half cps out there we are looking to fill our ranks with active dedicated fun loving people who want to thrive in a team envirement. Currently fearless is clan lvl 3 and our secondary clan is lvl 2 and we are looking to find a few more people to join our ranks.. We need blade dancers first and foremost and then ees/bishops/ol wc/ (seems everyone wants to go dd) for once we have alot of sws which is nice lol. We are currently carving out our role on the server..some friends some enemies nothing to out of hand. Anyone interested come on by and say h
  3. Hey all we are currently recruiting support classes ol/bd/bishop for our main clan and whole cps for our secondary clan...both lvl 3 clans 40+ preferably as a majority of everyone in the clan is...easy going chill people are welcome to come and meet us and see if you fit in with our personas https://discord.gg/j7VnE3 We are looking for team oriented people who want to build a great alliance what we dont want are bandwagoners who only join the best so they can be carried..We are an international clan filled with alot of crazy swedes a few americans and some cheeky brits..fun times for al
  4. hes a adena seller and botter as well i guarentee if they check him out he will be banned
  5. they have banned people on retail before for doing it its why they took it out
  6. yes it is its manipulation of game in a way it wasnt intended
  7. @juji can u ban player name desired fore buff the raid bosses..its against the eula to do it
  8. Hey all i know its rough about raids being so many cc leaders around but we have a real live drop share..so anyone who wants to raid for items and do it legitly with chance fordrops come to this discord and help do raids as a team for fun and xp and drops!!!! JOIN THE TALKING ISLAND RAID FORCE https://discord.gg/c3ScKQH JOIN TIRF!!
  9. https://discord.gg/Qk8nUZR Come chat bro
  10. Hey all Fearless is looking for some active players to fill the gaps of the weaklings who couldnt hack the server Come to our discord and say hey and get to know us https://discord.gg/Qk8nUZR *****WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR****** Competitive players with positive attitudes who can handle sarcasm and trash talk... People who like to raid as everyone sees we focus raids daily and even share loot with everyone who comes because we are not greedy fell free to come by our discord and shoot the breeze with us *************CLASSES NEEDED**************
  11. take pwnz off the back of your name you look like a 3rd world dipshit
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