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  1. Maestro is not eligible for dual class as i remember. So my choices are between Dread and Titan which both have heavy mastery, After watching others kill mobs as a tank i want to kill some, so ISS is not an option for me. But thanks for the answer.
  2. Hi guys, I'm playing tank as a main. Have a 105 yul as dual but considering to change it now in Libra Event. Disclaimer: I've read this subforum, i read that Wynn is dead class but hear me out. As I am playing mainly as a tank, enjoying it and working on equiping it. I want a dual class that can farm solo overnight and one day, maybe 1 year from now get to 110. Since L2 is a very expensive game I won't be able to equip both main (which I want and a dual) so I was thinking of running an Arcana Lord on dual that can use the main's gear. Sure a Wynn does not have the heav
  3. You are confusing Lucky Coin of Maphr which is a selfbuff with Coin of Maphr which is a party buff.
  4. Disclaimer: I know archers rule, i know FS must be the weakest othell, but i like dwarfs and i choose to play what I enjoy. Also I've read the forum and found some info but alot of it is either old (outdated), or for a geared up othell. I run Othell FS on standard exalted gear (emperor dual dagger until it expires). Level atm 106. I have a trio for farm, tank, FS and Doomcryer (bison and fantasia 2) Tryed EV, mobs are green but i run out of mana. Went back to Desert Quarry. What ability tree is best for PVE ? What AutoFarm Macros do you guys use ? Should I invest 8 R
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