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  1. Guys you don’t understand what the people really need. Making an event with random giving away is not going to fix anything!!! you guys need to develop an event which let us work and get something in reward. I remember an event which the Valakas necklace and imprint weapon A if you kill certain number of mobs or whatever. we need to get PEOPLE BACK, Oriana event IS NOT helping. please, listen the forum, work harder and let’s make this game playable AGAIN. one more time: we need more exp-FARMING ZONES for people 80+. the whole map is wasted, let’s make this map fun for everyone
  2. Hello to you all. Its been a while since we don't get an update in our classic, we have many demands on the forum asking for what we really need. In this path notes is showing You L2 Staff @Jujidid not even read what we really need. Guys... you still on time to fix what we need, we need real IMPROVMENTS to still playing this game and make it profit for u guys. We need new hunting zones New hero system. Better drop rates. Pk System. Olympiad system. Subclass system. Noble System. this game was created to have some fun in party with some f
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