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  1. If I was NcSoft...

    So a guy who have spare money to throw every month in an MMORPG suggest NCwest to turn it into P2W & also insult those who can't afford to pay & btw those people are obviously work much harder to achieve anything compare to VIP-people who have increased exp/drop/spoil rates & buy SS with real money, so in short if you were indeed NCSOFT & did what you said do you know what will happen? more than 70% of all the f2p players would leave the game because who wanna play a competitive game were the environment is not fair between those who spent money & those who don't, in short you want to have unfair advantages over all the f2p population by using the power of your wallet, people like you are seriously disgusting human beings & it's the reason the MMORPG genre going to hell the past many years now & there is nothing worth playing anymore, because even if we get a good game at some point the publisher try to milk the players by doing what you suggest right now, because there is people like you who will do anything to get the upper hand & I wonder do you feel proud when you win using such methods? how pitiful someone must be to feel good winning like that? even if I had all the money in the world I couldn't ever play a competitive game were I can win just by using the power of my credit card, it's like watching a Boxing match & while one opponent is obviously more skilled & deserve to win in the end loose because the other one bribe the referee/judges we are talking for the ultimate sham, those who win like that are all frauds & must be ashamed of themselves, nothing else to say.
  2. He was selling Elven Mithril Boots parts not gloves but anyway...
  3. If there is idiots who pay 30-35k for 1 single part when the whole item cost 80k in shop then why use 7 parts to craft it when you can sell all those parts to idiots to make 200k+ & then buy the item you want without spent even half of the money you are gonna get & also keep the rest money? plz tell me I would really like to know.
  4. So it boggles my mind that there is so many clueless people out there who set shops selling stuff at completely nonsense prices & I'm gonna give 3 examples on this thread in an attempt to open their eyes & force them to use their brains next time, so here we go: First example We see here that this guy sell a full Brig shield for 125k when Brig shield cost 86k at the armor shop, wtf? Second example This guy here sell Brig & Elven Mithril Gloves/Boots parts from 25k to 35k when full Brig/E.Mithril gloves/boots cost 82k at the armor shop, so let's say I want to craft Brig boots I need 7 parts in total if I buy each part from this guy for 30k each I'll need 210k in total just for the parts without even calculate the rest mats/Cry D/Gem D in the total cost, so I ask this guy who set this shop "tell me one reason to buy a single part from you when instead I can get the full item for just 80k in the armor shop" I mean how clueless can you be to sell for such high prices? did they seriously expect to sell a single part at those prices they sell? Third example This guy here sell 7 Brig helmet parts for 48k each, so if I want to craft a Brig helmet & buy all the parts from this guy I need almost 350k just for the parts, there is many people out there who sell the full helmet for 300-350k already so what's the point to give 350k just for the parts when I can simply buy the full item for less & save time & money? So in the end because there is many other people like me who get triggered when we see the stupidity of some people who seriously have no clue & sell stuff at their private shops that make zero-sense, I'm gonna write here some questions to use as a guide for anyone who wanna place a shop & have no idea what price to put for something he wanna sell. Ask the following question to yourself before you set a shop: (When we are talking about a full item) 1. Is the price I put a bit lower compare to NPC shops in Giran? (There is no reason to put something higher or at the same price with NPC shops as no one is gonna buy your items) (In case of parts) 2.Is it worth it for someone to buy parts from me if he wanna craft an item? will that save him money instead of buy the full item? (if buying parts cost more to craft an item then no one is gonna do it when he can spent less money to buy the full item instead, simple as that, so don't waste your time to set a shop with super-expensive parts because you are not gonna sell a single one & you waste your time) EDIT Another clueless guy Brig shield parts for 20k each, so I need 7 parts to craft a Brig shield x20k each in total 140k just for the parts when the full item cost 86k at the armor shop, what I have to say to this guy is "Hey dude get a clue already..."
  5. So in your mind the reason bots/gold farmers don't get banned is one of the 2, because the bot report button doesn't work properly or because they don't have enough human resources, ok... did you even think that maybe they don't give a f*ck or maybe NCWEST protect the hundreds & hundreds of gold farmers/spammers in game because they have something to gain as long they continue to do their job? food for thought.
  6. If they had not many just 1 guy per server that his job would be exactly that to find & ban bots & gold sellers on a daily basis they wouldn't be any bots & gold sellers around, I mean now every time you tp to a town/village you instantly get pm from gold sellers how hard is it for a GM to log & instant-ban all of them? the truth is they don't care I play this game enough to know that, people thought with classic servers would be different but unfortunately is one of the same, nc never change.
  7. It's astonishing that there is people who agree to increase spoil rates only for VIP if they end up doing what you are suggesting that moment the game would turn to p2w & countless people are going to quit be sure about that, there is already things that almost cross the line of what is acceptable or not in the cs, people are already on the edge barely tolerate some stuff & keep on playing, but if they ever increase spoil rates for VIP the game would be unquestionable p2w & f2p players would have no reason to keep on playing, this game is a competitive game & money/gear is everything, if ncwest break the balance to this decree between VIP & f2p then they better make the game subscription based wth no CS or an only-cosmetic CS in order to be fair for everyone else there is no point to leave it f2p if the environment is not fair between all players, I remind you that this is the reason lots of games die in the past & only whales left to compete with each other with their wallets, continue suggesting such stuff & if your wish come true lets see what is going to happen.
  8. Hey ncwest & @Juji do you see this? https://i.imgur.com/FfJwzSi.png Every single day that's what people who have their characters on Giran server face, an unlimited queue line that doesn't end until after 1 AM GMT+2, it's impossible to log & play for 10-12 hours everyday, I just want to know if you are planning to do anything about this situation or if you are going to leave this mess like this permanently, can I have an answer plz?
  9. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    I start playing in Giran since the first minute so wtf are you talking about? there was no other option back then, days pass since we got new servers & btw Giran is the only server with EU timezone, we said time & time again Giran is overcrowded we need another server for the EU community & they keep ignoring us & let us suffer waste all our time trying to log in the game everyday, hey NC how about do something instead of ignore all those people? it would be nice to show that you care for once...
  10. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    When all our chars are in those server it won't solve anything who wanna start from zero get serious already...
  11. So NCWEST what about this new EU timezone server we are talking for weeks now? are you plan to do anything anytime soon? are you aware that over 1000 people are unable to log in Giran everyday? because there is no way you don't know that already, are you plan to do anything about it or you simply don't care? because that's how it seem from the moment you ignore the issue till now...
  12. ROFL! listen man imo you are doing good you decide to quit people that are as sensitive as you have no place to a game like old school Lineage II to be honest I have no idea what you are doing here?
  13. Everyday the same situation over a thousand people from EU are unable to log in Giran & waste whole day w8ing in the queue lines it's more than obvious that we need a new GMT+1 server NCWEST doesn't seem to care though that so many people suffer everyday, so NC are you plan to do anything about it?
  14. https://scontent.fskg1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/44474977_270540183667595_7361822611065536512_n.jpg?_nc_cat=106&_nc_ht=scontent.fskg1-1.fna&oh=2630ea37de9cb60a8cda3b111229e2e7&oe=5C571CCD A friend of mine just try to log in the game & that's the situation which was the same yesterday & the day before & every single day since classic launch, so NC are you planning to release a new server for the EU community who suffer w8ing for hours everyday in order to log & play?
  15. The game help you quite a lot indeed at the start but believe me all those stuff don't last for long, after that you will be forced to start buying SS, to gather money & buy a good NG weapon, later a D wpn also the spellbooks are very expensive & depend on how many characters you play if you are solo or if you also have buffpets it's gonna cost a lot to buy books for all of them, so take advantage of those helps at the start but the game is going to become the same hell you knew from back then, the biggest help imo is the free TP we have till Lv40, if we had to pay for GK from the start oh boy.. how many would have quit till now I'm sure lots of people.