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  1. I was getting 17k a mob before the event, now I'm getting 20k. Yeah, that's no where close.
  2. Giran Server Price List

    Hello dearest friends and potential benefactors, I have created a listing that I believe will help out a lot of people and I am sharing it for free. It took a while to make and I imagine will be horribly difficult to keep updated but! Nevertheless I present to you hours of painstaking work. Click me for the price list. If anyone finds this list and, subsequently my time investment, worthwhile feel free to pay some Adena to VendMaster2000. Copy and paste to avoid scammers. Thanks guys and gals. P.S. If you want specific items researched let me know down below and I'll do my best to get it added.
  3. I'm confused, why would someone kill one thousand or more mobs and not include money made from drops? You likely have at least 100k adena in drops, if not more. If you received a single key for crafting a weapon you made at least 60k right there not to mention other item drops. Obviously, as a result, having VIP 4 means your farming is more sustainable due to item drops.
  4. Server queue

    VIP members are getting queues too. It's a good sign. Lots of people want to play. But with all the AFK shops it's making things complicated.
  5. Dop on die?

    No, they disabled that here. No one drops items period.