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  1. Speaking for myself, I would spend way more money, if I would know that I actually get something for it. I agree completely with the first comment. I spent a lot of money too, all I got was fish stew boxes, melody crap and elemental stones.
  2. I'm sorry, but what are you doing? What the heck is this preview? literally not even half a page? Not to mention the release of S grade... You were already on the edge with +16 weapons and the baium boxes and pendants, totally breaking the immersion and the slightest chance to have the feeling of playing on a classic server... Why did you start the classic server if you CBA to come up with content and design something new? You know, like how the game could have been if you didn't realease GoD...
  3. You can call me whatever you want It’s not me having a mental breakdown over a game honey. I simply stated what is morally right and wrong. Sometime, later in life hopefully you will grow up and understand. Enjoy, snowflake
  4. TurdSausage is not responsible for the deaths of millions of people - just like my family’s. If you can’t see that, you have a lot of maturing to do.
  5. You got much less than what you would deserve - it is not funny nor cool to use that name.
  6. My only problem is the adena too. I farm a lot, I’m lvl 23 and I have like 23k adena. I remember playing at the end of C2 when I was young, I had to farm 3-4 days non stop for a 700k weapon, but I did get it. And I farmed ants on Talking Island... Here it wouldn’t be possible. Still not complaining though, but it’s a bit off.
  7. Having the same problem with Path of the Elven Wizard, I killed like 100 mobs but didn't get a single quest item.
  8. If I remember correctly, Juji said in the stream that the 2GB update was already downloadable for a while. So if you started your launcher recently, it might have done it. I did it yesterday.
  9. How many of you called in sick for tomorrow?
  10. They can keep Ertheia, love kamaels though.
  11. Hey! Will the main nuke skills (Aqua Swirl, Blaze etc.) of summoners level up after we reach lvl 40? @Juji (Sorry to tag you in this, I'm sure you have a lot of work to do)
  12. You shouldn’t worry about those either as you can only buy a really limited amount of them and you need a different kind of currency for that which is harder to get. The mats really don’t make any difference.
  13. I used this converter: https://savvytime.com/converter/pdt-to-gmt According to this 11 AM PDT is 18:00 GMT. I live in Budapest which is GMT+1, thats why I said for me it starts around 19. Hopefully I calculated right?
  14. I know it didn't happen yet. It will be around 19:00 (GMT+1), but im in school until 20:00, hence the question.
  15. Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch the stream as I will be at a lecture, but I really don’t want to miss any of it. Is there anyone who will record the whole thing?
  16. Can you please stop making more and more topics about this? It is getting really annoying that a few loud people are crying to keep it, everyone else wants it removed, just like how the devs planned. Stop whining...
  17. It’s not sad, it’s Lineage 2 classic each class serves a purpose and each class is important. If you need help, you need a support friend. That’s how it should be.
  18. Yeah because one person had 9 characters boxed...
  19. I am not a pro, but: summoners are pretty viable and fun to play, but they are a bit expensive to maintain. ESs do not need recharge pots as they get recharged by their pets, but you need to other resources (spirit ores) to summon your cubics and your pets as well, not to mention beast shots (I am not sure these will be implemented in this firs version yet). Just something to consider.
  20. Gotta love people who act like prophets when we basically don’t know anything about the game and cash shop yet...
  21. The answer to your question is in the official FAQ:
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