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  1. @Hime @Juji is this not the same rewards as 6 months ago... Have we not as a server progressed past c and b grade... Or are the rewards wrong??
  2. Mass DC - 05.25.2020

    This is crazy.. two mass dc within an hr.... And its only half my party every time... Are your servers over worked..i hope they aren't 16 yrs old....cmon let's fix this so we can play
  3. Don't know what you all did...but launcher isn't loading...Major major lag.... You need to look into it ASAP
  4. Since restart....MAJOR LAG and you have a problem with your launcher...it's not on my end...need to restart your servers again... This is rudiculous
  5. Aden mini game

    Yes another explanation is needed juji....why did you need nerf the event and not inform us....I'm just amazed of all the stuff done by the devs and yet nothing done with botters...look on the ground..can't auto pickup certain drops can you...put the boxes back the way they were...I should not get hp pots out of the last 45 Aden boxes....
  6. So I understand....NCSoft puts out an event for Lineage2 and on the web gives full description of event.... During said event Devs decide to put an expiration date on items WON during event in which was not on the description online.. During event Devs mistakingly add an item that game currently does not use so they just get to choose a reward which again is not on description Also I'm betting DEVS saw the % scale of certain drops and made it harder to achieve these rewards from set boxes... Also boxes are giving rewards that are not on description online... Real question have devs even tested this in game..how do you advertise falseness and say it's ok..yet want us to follow rules you put in place when clearly no one is even logging into the game to test anything that's advertised around the world ON YOUR SITE by YOUR PEOPLE....
  7. Aden mini game

    Is it just me or have the devs gimped the minigame drops...was getting decent scrolls..dolls etc..now no matter what boxes mainly teleport scrolls and useless hp pots