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  1. They noticed the mistake because people from Lineage II Community Discord point it out. It would still be wrong otherwise:P
  2. Add to the L coin store, the option to expand Private Store Sell-Buy slots/Warehouse slots.
  3. Dual craft stamp (S for S grade), I think Aden Blacksmith. Cloth can be obtained from Varka, Dragon Valley, ToI. Hunting and Spoil.
  4. Add skills after 85... You've given us areas to hunt with monsters lvl 86+, and most of our skills/debuffs fail to land on them cause we stop learning active* skills at 84:)
  5. @Juji Monsters in ToI reset to spawn area within a nukers range. That needs to change, it makes no sense. The monster will reset while running towards the party, turn immune and then go back into it's spawn area. That feature is inefficient. Range must get increased at least double that amount.
  6. They still drop in ToI, Floors 5 and up.
  7. Add the ability of "Locking" an item on your inventory, like we have with Transformations. The locked item won't be able to be used in Random Crafting.
  8. Do something for the Dwarves.. You took the crafting and spoiling away from the game. At least give them some damage and make them useful, there are people who actually main the class.
  9. You used to be able to upgrade the slots for sale/buy with Fish. From the Fishing Manager. I don't know if that's valid anymore:)
  10. You have some good points. I didn't argue with that. Beppler took your post, removed your personal opinion and post it as it should be posted. But, as I said you want to make the entire game suits you. So many things changed since we start playing on Classic, and let's face it the game won't be the same as it was 15 years ago. My suggestions have nothing to do with personal wins or defeats. It's about making the game better, and it has nothing to do with me. If I would found so many game mechanics broken, basic ones too; I would stop playing instead of trying to rebuild it on my own
  11. How a proper post should be, without all the personal whining, lecturing, scolding. ~.~ Thank you!
  12. Give the players a couple of weeks without introducing a new P2W item:) Don't have an event at all, even. Give us some space:) Make all Epic Raids and their Priests a PvP area. We need this, bad!
  13. If you don't like the game and find so many negatives to it...why still play? You need to stop trying to make the game become what you want it to become, so it suits you better. Stop telling the devs how to do their job, you are not an expert in game development I think. You are just a frustrated player. If you find so many wrongs to Lineage, just quit and stop writting essays.
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