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  1. Oh Man - Reading this read has shown me how sad this game has become, lol. Freaking sad really. Its pretty simple, if you AFK you pretty much have Jesus take the wheel'd your character. How your character acts with, or without you around is 100% your problem, no one is forcing you to do it, and its not NcSoft's responsibility to bail you out. Saying people are "Stealing" your "Hard Earned" gear while AFK strikes me as amusingly ironic.
  2. Jiggie


    Serious? Hmmm.
  3. Nothing is going to change when people (like yourself) mindlessly enable NcSoft getting away with this stuff by dumping hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars into crap events (ie. money grabs) like this. NcSoft isn’t the problem, you are. They are just taking advantage of a good situation. Can you honestly blame them?
  4. Thanks Rodah. Most conclusions I read online pointed that was as well, but since I started the game as a Gladiator looong ago, and was hoping maybe I overlooked something along the way! Seems not!
  5. Moved on from HK Dual (Thanks NcSoft...), have not played a warrior class since... ohh, C1/C2? Zero desire to do an SoS box and Titan crap around. Can't be a Maestro. Leaves me with GK, Duelist and Dreadnought (unless I went full huehuehue). Will be a PvE toon pretty much! Just needs to smash and survive. I always have PoM, etc. Which way should I go?! Thanks!
  6. Well, now that the destroyed my Dual I really enjoyed, guess I need to figure out what the red libra to now, lol.
  7. How are people still talking about Classic? It’s never going to happen and has been a failure where they tried.
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