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  1. NCoins when i get them ?

    So far I know that all will be delivered once the server starts so in couple o hours.
  2. Don't worry many of us are living in Europe, including me :-)
  3. I think in 7 hours you'll be able to log in on classic server.
  4. You're downloading regular Lineage client from official lineage 2 site. Right now you have only 2 servers to choose, Naia and Chronos. After today's maintenance there will be classic servers too.
  5. So Talking Island is for NA players
  6. is that hard to read FAQ before posting ? FAQ
  7. Delay Start

    but they have much bigger teams. I know one thing. If something is tested and works on test server doesn't mean it will work perfectly on live server. I've been practicing multiple times with my projects and other well tested.
  8. Delay Start

    definitely not. Starting in the middle of the week will decrease the maximum connections on the start of the server. They will have still time to fix on live and prepare before hard load on weekend. By the way I am a programmer too and there is important thing. Never do a release on the weekend if it's not demanded. It will keep your weekend more pleasant and you will have more time to joy with your friends/family.
  9. 1st class transfer Aden???

    @Aja a little bit more than Dwarven Village
  10. Be patient. They already said to us all information will be soon released.
  11. Player's stores

    nope. I'm against offline shops. It works for small server but no for massive like this one. Just imagine that single person may create hundreds of offline shops just to spam. It makes cities to crowded and with trash shop content. In my opinion offline shops may be accessible for VIPS tier 3 and 4. or the one with subscription. But I will limit offline time to eg. 8 hours just to avoid shops pending in cities for many weeks. optionally I would buy a scroll/rune nth-hours for example rune 12 hours when you start shopping the time is passing down, when ends shop will disappear. @Juji @Hime
  12. Vip 4lwl

    for me 50% sounds fair, nowadays I can afford to pay some money for my favourite game but I got many other duties, family, work and so on. Back in a days when I was learning I couldn't afford to spend any money for game, but I got plenty of time and I was able to earn much more than now with buying everything I can.
  13. Can't buy Chronicle Pack....

    try to use Chrome browser