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  1. Hi,

    I found this, it might not be a bug, but if its intended that means summoners are gonna be unplayable in oly.

    The thing is i tried Kai the Cat in duel having windwalk and berserker spirit lvl1 (speed 218), against a darkelf fighterwith ww+bersi also. Delf's speed was 172 or so.

    As long as the delf guy keeps running in circles it wont ever hit him.

    Removing windwalk and zerk from the darkelf fighter, so without any buffs the cat still never managed to hit him, as long as the darkelf character kept running in circles (small or big doesnt matter)


    I noticed it earlier also, that if u send a servitor to a mob, and that mob is aggressive, going to run towards the cat, they are going to start dancing around like idk... And they make like 3 sometiems even 5 circles before anything happens.


    Can you please check it, its ridiculous it cant possibly be intended.... If im 50speed above any1, and he is running from me ill hit him all the time with autoattack.




    (ps.: adena rates are horrible after 40)

  2. Wow classic is said to be coming in 2021. So long time, but it is interesting.

    Other server that is new, is classic is opened in russia, on october 2nd. I tihkn thats pay2play also, might be regionally restricted.


    If this server fails (NA classic), then western L2 is done for good, only possible to hope for new EU classic. But that might take time/never happen.
    But it wont fail just yet.

  3. 13 minutes ago, yummaster said:

    NC doesn't care about bots, if they did they would have Twitch Livestream bot banning events like Old School Runescape, showing that they can take time to be in-game and clear out mithril mines, abandoned coal mines, etc. but they don't care bro =)

    That bothunting event sounds pretty fun :D

    Altho its pretty ez to avoid, if u know when its gonna happen u just turn off bots, and resume after event over.

    It would have to be random time, GM just starts it without any notice.

  4. 1 way we could quickly deal with in-town adena sell spammers:

    Improve the bot report function so it works in town as well, and make it possible to automatically give a 1 day ban to any1 who is being reported by lets say 30 ppl.

    People in town would hopefully press bot report button, targeting the adena sellers, and when enough ppl hit the button, its automatic 1day ban, giving some time for devs to look into it.

    Alternatively, you could recruit voluntary individuals who could just flag characters who are spamming, with some special "skill", or a separate website.
    Might as well give them some minor rewards like 1XP scroll or something, but honestly id even do it without rewards: anytime i go to town, see a spam, or whisper coming in, id just flag them and move on.

    The community can get rid of this cancer - IF U WANT IT TO!





  5. nah, there will be a big outcry when more people see the issue, when majority reaches lvl40+
    Juji already knows it, we told him on discord, he saw it and replied.

    From my experience here so far: they see the issue, and they will take days and even weeks but eventually fix broken things.

    They take a loooooooooot of time. But eventually they do it. 

    I think even when the hype dies out, we can still have 4k+ online on at least 2 servers.

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