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  1. Ok, whatever i rly dont care whether u aggree with me or not, i just wanna hear an official answer. Soon they will wake up and hopfully say something.
  2. Im not the one in trouble, u can keep it as it is, i have CP if i have to take drastical steps ill 9man up and hit green mobs without shots But if this is not changed we will lose a lot of ppl who dont want to be in cp. Or dont have time for it. Keep in mind: most players are casual, the minority is hardcore. Also its like keeping ur word. This adena rate is like 1.0 u said 1.5 and delivered an interesting mixture. @Juji for now id like to know whether u are aware of this, is it intended and are u going to change it back to normal? Ty
  3. Vuku Orc archer according to viki drops at least 43 adena, just dropped 14 to me. Drop rate is 0, got 1 no grade jewels (the absolute lowest no grade), even XP is nerfed All of this with VIP4 Server is going to be literally unplayable for all the casuals who dont pay for it, or who dont group into CPs You will lose a lot of players, very very quickly.
  4. Buy now, very cheap, stake it when ready
  5. Yeah, just about time to push adaption, spread awareness. Its kinda shocking that i barely ever see ppl talking bout crypto in a gaming community like L2
  6. I hope you set the monster respawns and density pretty high, coz every1 will be doing these quests. Its 1 thing to add the old quests back to the game as well, but it wont make sense to do them. Only if u wanna fall behind significantly.
  7. Késő (Mondjuk mi nemzetközi csapat vagyunk) De azért sok sikert Kiváncsi leszek mennyi magyar lesz a szerón.
  8. More like: if u wanna play SPS you NEED to make 2 boxes: EE and SE (otherwise u are out of mana always) With ES u can do other things (im not sure if summoners will have nukes after lvl40 in this version so no clue if u can go nuker with it) ES + wc + bd can work ES + pp + bd can work Bishop... not gonna work imo only if u can make ES a nuker after lvl40 and take bishop as box its ok and take 1 more buffer box. but if u wanna main bishop u should look for party/clan, its easier.
  9. This forum 1 week ago was dead empty. I saw it shortly after announcement. Now we have like 1k posts a day. We didnt rly have much time to prepare tbh
  10. Sieges should be like 20:00 server time Oly starts at like 19:00 server time and possibly 4 or 6 hours cant remember
  11. Last slot looking for a Bishop player
  12. On naia/chronus, there is 1 item in store that gives bonus drop % and it says it gets divided by number of ppl in party.
  13. Cardano

    XIGNCODE3 Launch

    Use Leatrix, it works fine. I logged 3 accounts at the same time, today morning even without leatrix, it works no problem.
  14. This thing looks pretty hardcore https://www.wellbia.com/home/en/pages/xigncode3/
  15. Yeah 1. Find a spot 2. buff up 3. click on things aaand thats about it
  16. Ok, we found a BD also, updates incoming later tomorrow.
  17. Its going pretty good, we have 2 ppl that are thinking, ill wait their answers till tomorrow morning and ill update here. What we are still missing is 1 BD no matter what these 2 ppl say. So @pwoni, please bear with me till tomorrow.
  18. The ridiculous thing is they dont want account sharing. Tho that quote is very oddly worded, and id need to do some more research into this. I never rly heard that it would be illegal to share accounts, it was "not recommended" everywhere, and like "we dont help u recover lost items, if some1 steals from ur account" etc but that makes sense. But for it to be against rules idk...
  19. Cmon... dont even bother talking to them. waste of time
  20. Still looking for some supports: BD, EE, Bishop & WC Bump it up!
  21. Late game the lvl1 fish stew is very little. Its the lvl1 vampiric rage that u get for cheap. The higher levels are more expensive, not sustainable. +Cov is superior. Once again: late game. If u plan to quit at lvl65, then PP is much better.
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