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  1. Destro is more optimal for raid bosses becoz u use frenzy+zealot and its for like 1-2minutes im not sure. Mobs die super easy -> u spend more time running between mobs or u have to kill hard ones. Tyrant puts on the totem (any of them puma or ogre) and its on for 5 minutes and u can keep it on constantly. It gives smaller dmg then frenzy but u can sustain it. So: Farming raid boss = destroyer Farming mobs = tyrant
  2. It wont be long in my opinion + classic is long term server = marathon So u gotta plan for the long term
  3. tyrant i assume BH will be main "assist"
  4. prophecy of fire vs COV (cov better but more expensive) counter critical vs great fury (CC better) turn to stone vs chant of protection (protection better) prophet can heal and res and escape vs WC heal kinda sux, cannot res berserker spirit vs chant of revenge.... death whisper farming difficulty vs chant of vamp difficulty... (both hardas fk) if u ever plan to group with 2-3 other players go WC
  5. Add me on discord, i wanna see how bad ur english is
  6. If u decide to go Warcryrer ill gladly take u. discord: Cardano#6293
  7. You are more then welcome, add me on discord
  8. OL books are easy on classic (coz no demand and every1 will be selling)
  9. Thanks for the tests, for now im happy with Leatrix, if i feel issues ill try Wtfast.
  10. Dw guys, it will be 10x more hardcore than what u imagined. And u will be literally crying to make the skills learnable only from npc but lower the SP cost spellbookfarming the other one
  11. Yes, they grow fast, but also not only 1 clan can buy from L2Store. Every clan can and every CP can. If there is only 1 side on the server buying and dominating then R.I.P. server, 1 sided no war no pvp nothing. Then also: - Clans can break up - there can be drama, allies turning against each other - CPs can break up, quit clans go to other clans or make their own - ppl can quit for whatever reasons even the top players might have real life issues etc In an ideal world: Side A: - 1 strong donator clan - 2 more casual clans Si
  12. Price of mats y? If some1 rushes they dont rush with a spoiler like "ah we need mats" No. If they rush they need XP. in optimised XP party there is no slot for spoilers, thats the only way u get lots of mats if u go necropolis with spoiler and loop - and there is no loop now. Also other things - core and orfen lvl52 - if u wanna be top, maybe make mains, level to 52, stop, level AQ mages so u can contest epics - even if not, materials will be consumed by the thousands for just simple top C grade crafts Catas are more like long term problem, but i think by c
  13. Who cares? catas starting at lvl65 anyways. When the first ppl gonna make 65? 2 months?
  14. 100 animal bones for 150 silver coins. Will have to see what the droprate for these coins is.
  15. 1 question to whoever knows: He mentioned in the stream that if u buy the chronicle pack u already get lvl3 VP So how much u will need to pay to upgrade that to lvl4, becoz with this pack u didnt get the NCoins, it directly gave the pack. + ye, full pricelist of L2Store would be nice too.
  16. gonna take some years man ^^ even in korea max lvl is like 85
  17. Skills are according to 1.5 (i think daggers had hide and shadowstep already, no 3rd class) Bugfixes according to latest patch ( example: nexttarget can be toggled between targeting only mobs, only players or all)
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