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  1. But for that we would need like official discord server for NA classic like we had on skelth.
  2. That possibly removes 1 player from the server, just remember that. If u train ppl and they drop and they leave server: you are contributing to killing the server. Then u can "cry" why not enough active players are present
  3. Posting them might be good idea. If we made a discord channel about them, or a separate topic here on forum, we could update it real time "botters at this spot now" and ppl who are bored could just go hunt them down or train em or something.
  4. look around on the forums, there are 2 topics at least with answers there.
  5. Not all of them. The ones you get on skelth from the beginners box, those are also mysterious but dont give bonus dmg
  6. Just so u know most ppl are not going to pay real money for freaking soulshots... i mean for real. And no u cant buy mats (seriously who would do that anyways?) from shop, u gotta exchange silver coins that has a certain drop chance. Worried about botting? perhaps ur right, but dont worry about dorfs income... they will be just as rich believe me
  7. This is not paying lol... if u get VIP status u get silver coins ( i guess not always 100%) which u can change for mats. Not like every mob gives 1000000 animal skins lol... Dorfs are going to be just fine.
  8. Id be glad for early access At least not so much traffic at starting locations ^^ If ppl took this loopmacro removal thing, and they succeeded, we might as well cry enough to get in the game earlier. (Btw f2p players cant take ur name with early access, coz thats usually for ppl who paid, and f2p players dont pay. tho ppl who bought packs could still take names - have plan B always)
  9. You think a few buffscrolls, XP scrolls and some minor visual changes make a difference? Think it will be easier ? Sooner or later u run out of xp scrolls Im not saying its difficult, most things to do in classic are easy peasy. But its brutally time consuming.
  10. Most ppl are super negative here for some reason... 1 day pay2win will kill NA classic servers = most likely Did it happen yet? No. we only have some xp boost and drop/adena, fishing xp and such. How long it might take to become pay2win? a year - 2 years? who knows -> how about enjoying the road instead of crying about future? The top clan who can farm all epics and such, will always sell it for real money - no exception every on any server. If you have 2 years to enjoy playing, than just do so and when it became pay2win say goodbye and remember that u had n
  11. You are just nostalgic. You can have good friends and bonds in any game, any server client, patch whatever, even outside game.Thats matter of your personality and others who u meet.
  12. Classic = hardcore. So now this server is already more classic then skelth coz now they remove loopmacros... Like it or not its more hardcore.
  13. Didnt think about being red and dropping. Being white, out of pvp, nonflagged, mobs kills u or raid boss kills you and u have chance to drop. Shouldnt ever happened, should never have happened in the first place. Ever.
  14. Yes! we want to lose hundreds of players becoz they get killed starting 3-4 weeks after launch and the high lvl players will come and buff/heal that stupid spider on talking island they are trying to kill and they will drop their devotion set 5 times and never ever return to this server. We want to see useless trash strategies in pvp to just fear enemies into mobs inside antharas lair and make him drop his gear/weapon (that he rightfully earned WITHOUT even looping coz u cried enough for that to be removed gg) Coz we are people who enjoy seeing others fail/suffer, becoz thats "fun"..
  15. Crying kids can come up with good ideas too? Miracles happening today wtf ^^ (Hey how about removing the party matching system coz it didnt exist in C1 #trollface )
  16. Hi, We are making a fighter CP inside the clan "Impact" on Giran server. International CP, microphone necessary, main language in voice is english, in chat like party chat whatever u like. Prime time: 19:00 - 23:00 gmt. We are not a top CP, we wont play 12-16-24hours a day, more like 3-4hours on weekdays and more during weekends. Still we are aiming for PVP, we want to attend sieges/epics/olympiads whenever possible. (And most importantly make all our gear shiny and be richhhh ) At the moment we are full, not looking for any additional players.
  17. trailing spam bots, well said not trailing spam macros. They cant handle it.
  18. For me paypal didnt work, credit card did.
  19. Thought about that however, nostromo is for 1 client. "I completely understand both sides of this argument." a miracle occured ^^ some1 understands 2 sides of the argument Botters: one of my clanmates say on discord now that they have new botprotection and it detects even the better ones. If i see that botters get caught, its better, but still why take away macros.
  20. Playing without boxes and windows, you can, and you can also live in your dream world my friend... Might be a painful awakening Anyways i see the recipe now: - open a topic on forums about what u want - make it controversial so people reply to it 100 times (lets say: Petition i need to get 1million starter adena - easy 500 replies) - GM logs on and sees "oh there is a topic with 500 replies! it must be important! lets implement them changes, must be good for community"
  21. No, 3 per PC they said i think. If u have 2 computers than log 6 boxes, should be legal.
  22. No, you misunderstand me, but tbh it doesnt matter now. Its in the hand of the devs. if they remove it i gotta find a solution. But its going to cripple casual parties. Anyways im out of this discussion for now...
  23. No, macros stay, just looping the macro disappears (if the developers remove it)
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