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  1. No... dead wrong. Let me tell you when i played other servers, other chronicles tons of different servers, where we didnt have loopmacros: what happened? Supports were joining party and afking and doing nothing but leeching. With loopmacros at least the game is playing for them, they contribute to killing the mob or something (im thinking of fighter, story is different for mages/archers). Whats gonna happen now? - i choose support from my clan, lets say active BD, he joins party, uses dance every 5mins and afk after that, and i gotta share my money and drop with him
  2. You digging ur own graves guys but w/e... If they will not bother to catch bots ( i heard they dont care on main) then whats the point removing macros.
  3. You are serious about classic, you think like that BUT we are not the same. There are thousands of ppl. Maybe some ppl dont think seriously about it just wanna have fun or w/e.
  4. Good job, cry more on forums for getting everything removed from game. FFS...
  5. Why would that happen? Lets say you go active support, and roll a SWS. You prepare for not having party!!! You start an alt WC or PP and another character lets say tyrant to farm. Anytime you dont have party, you level ur alts, if it happens a lot the tyrant/wc will reach your level, so u can go on ur own. You get to lategame, and become an active SWS support I cant see where is the problem? (Altho its beyond me how any1 couldnt find a party as a SWS but just as example)
  6. Might be able to do it, but if there are 500 people around u killin gremlins ... Sometimes i just skip it
  7. Fair warnings: anyy1 who will need death whisper/chant of vampire prepare for the most cancerous farming session of ur life
  8. For me it was kinda opposite, i was main support, and literally struggling to find damage dealers to kill mobs
  9. Carebearness on 1 side, but also lot of blue side were NA players. So when SV bosses happened, they werent even online most of times i guess. But that was pretty sad to see when there were only like 40-50 players on red side farming SV bosses, only Rai party came to contest. They could have easily crushed them. (Tho i heard now pvp started as red side broke up... now its easy to fight them, that they left ) Super disappointing.
  10. Yes, there was an official announcement here on the non-classic forums part oddly enough. 1 post by Juji
  11. Also you shouldnt worry too much about which server is better. Talking Island gmt-5, if u live in europe gmt+1 lets say, than SV bosses would happen at 03:00 every day Its not viable, siege would be 02:00... doesnt make sense. Some people trying to say "ah TI is gonna be the good server, Giran is for randoms blablabla" just ignore them, bunch of egoistic noobs. Btw: i checked the Chronos and Naia servers a few days ago - they both had about 3700 players (characters?) online at the same time. So no big difference there, shouldnt be big on the classic either.
  12. I managed to fix the lag issue with the Leatrix Latency Fix (free that i found) Also: - Here you dont drop on death (lets be honest: its pure cancer dropping ur weapon, and puts u in stress, even if it never happens) - Accounts are free! (need to open a shop to sit in monster derby? free of charge ) - Since its F2P, population will be higher (maybe just maybe there is a chance to draw in people who never played L2 before) - Speaking of population: after all the americans and prolly many europeans leaving skelth for these servers, whats gonna be left there? when it
  13. 1 thing might be good: the Flames of Invincibility And maybe if it gives COV for the whole clan, but the Victories of Paagrio is different than COV (id say worse) (if u think this is good for debuffs, then u gotta remember, he needs to go pretty close to apply debuffs, and then the longer the game goes, ppl will have even stronger resists. Hint: swordsinger lvl 80 song )
  14. That chest u get on Skelth was added like 1.5 years into server starts, we wont have it here (i guess) What u will have: starter gaiters and armor, 1 dagger and 1 sword for fighters, 1 staff for mages etc.. The daily missions were not available in 1.5 i think, so no xp scrolls, no buffscrolls ( they are pretty shitty anyways) We mgiht have free teleports till lvl41, on some servers we had free tp in 1.5 patch. There should be Moon Knight quest and lvl10 quest for weapon (each race different or so)
  15. Ol is probably the most useless character in classic right now.
  16. Apex will be on Talking Island, dota most likely Giran so its different. Also im not sure if dota will be 1 alliance this time.
  17. Well you can attack with all of ur characters with loop macros. And you can have 3 client/PC so if u got a spare laptop However.. XPing 6 characters takes more time than just 3.
  18. Well it has lionheart so why it couldnt beat CC based classes? But yeah, its not the best class here (deservably, i hated interlude gladis farming oly)
  19. I think those are removed after like 2.0 or so. And there is going to be like a boring chain quest, that makes you lvl 1-19. A few patches after 1.5 Also there are no daily missions in 1.5 i think.
  20. Ppl want hardcore gameplay... but the reality is they dont really want it Simple: if gear is droppable = population - 300 if server is pay2play = population - 500 and so on...
  21. What?? Best thing they removed that. How stupid is dropping stuff when u die Trust me, this is going to increase population slightly.
  22. Useful website: http://l2wiki.com/classic But its updated to latest patch on skelth, so its not completely true. For example summoners in 1.5 dont have nukes after lvl40, dont have summon beat shots and such.
  23. Well still, levl 40 on day1, when "casuals" (1 guy who told me he was elemental summoner) took 3 months to make 40. And even if u do low damage, if u got full party, buffs, empo, and constant recharges, you make enough dmg. Tho i havent seen it with my own eyes.
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