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  1. I heard stories how russians went to skelh and brought 100 people, and any characters were constantly pulling mobs to the main mage party who were killing the mobs and they had lvl58 in 1 day
  2. So far they said one will be gmt-2 and the other gmt+1 (like chronos and naia now) I think Giran is gmt+1, not sure tho
  3. Ppl who never played classic, should try other f2p classic servers even private ones, just to see. Becoz its hardcore, and lots of ppl will give up. Also need to think very carefully what class u play, and dont just start main prophet (you will quit before lvl40 with a solo main prophet) Completely different from GoD. 11 days to launch, better prapare for it.
  4. Boost the PVE damage, xp whatever... Mobs are hard anyways especially highlvl. Dont boost PVP damage. Dont give these "heavenly enchant scrolls" for real money, they are a joke. No fullsets. Honestly, i think they will eventually make it totally p2w, but before that we might have 2-3 good years.
  5. Chronicle might be C2 however user interface is from GOD. Exactly the same interface u see on the "normal" L2 servers, will be on the classic servers. So there will be macros, and loop macros.
  6. Boxes are kinda necessary, BUT most chars can be played like that: main, buffer of your choice, BD/SWS If u get party with ur main, and u are in a clan? Great! If not you can still farm with boxes (altho they will be left behind in levels so its not a perfect solution)
  7. Why even care i mean 1 server will be more like NA timezone, other gonna be more like EU timezonel. Dont like EU? Go on other server Who cares what happens on Giran server if u are on Talking island.
  8. So innova annoys you, therefore u become arrogant towards general EU players? Flawless logic...
  9. Im just trying "Leatrix Latency Fix" and it does something! There is noticable difference if i turn it on/off. (Gotta restart PC after installing)
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