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  1. Collecting Mastery

    my 79 lvl maestro get only 1lvl of Collecting Mastery skill but I read in patch notes Added Collecting Mastery (Passive) Skill for all Dwarves for the new random crafting system is this a bug or not?
  2. Adena in TOI 3

    noticable fact. as i see, i had a 25lvl difference seller char in giran as party member . after kick him from party adena and drops came back .
  3. Adena in TOI 3

    i confirm the above situation. it happens from time to time. not only in toi but before 1 hour i couldn't get adena or any other drop in witch catacomb for straight 6 hours griding. On the other site sometimes we have bunch of drops in a rebuff time, same spot as above in 20 min peril, doom helm , avadon gloves. who knows maybe there are counters in the l2 code maybe is a bug.