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  1. Paagrio Earring bug

    @mixa agree with you, this why they were asking if this is exploited or not, they can do the same or this is bannable?
  2. Paagrio Earring bug

    really don't understand why ppl don't stay on topic, whoever you are @DiBui we really don't care you stay or quite, and you think your self smarter than other to tell them what they need to do?
  3. @Juji they should fix all cd of old agathion or just remove it
  4. Paagrio Earring bug

    Don't understand why all of you try changing the topic, its not about hybrid or max they trying to report some items bug. let me ask you this, using this earring to do dmg on cheat its bug or not ?
  5. I agree with all the statements above especially the permanent Polymorph issue we face during sieges that bring so much unfair advantage to the ones that are exploiting it. The skill should not be affected by any cooldown item from the players inventory, or at least to remove the advantages like mana barrier, teleport, pot using during this state.
  6. More of an exploit

    How exactly they can pk him!! while he rr with pt ud for 35 sec and when he log he get other pt ud ? Or cursed weapon ud for 30 and when he log another 30 sec, + so many despa. so how ? I'm not sure if you read this topic and understand what is about !!
  7. More of an exploit

    This why iam telling you, you just need go at orfen for example put toon there and see how it's. One guy come from no where when rb 10-5% hp on dispa doing last hit with dw stage 3 and full skill up then pick up and bsoe.
  8. More of an exploit

    What you said is wrong, you got many rb like " orfen , anakim , lilith , baium and ishka " you cant win them by cc loot's or over damge, its just by last hit, so if rb hp is 1% left who ever deal damge to get this 1% will win the rb. So whole cc can waste they skill for 99% of rb hp and one guy was rr at rb with full skill or use my teleport he come and take the rb and bsoe that it. This its pvp game player should pvp for win.
  9. Hi, I would like to bring to notice an unfair/exploited advantage top geared players have, the logoff with full skills and login back after the cooldown of old skills have elapsed, meaning they can use their top Ultimative skills from self class + support class 2 times, making them indestructible and with an insane amount of damage for too long period of time brining to not logged off people a grate disadvantage in PvP and in PvE. Best example is during Raid Bosses if a group of players gather to kill a Raid Boss (that u can’t take loot by cc), they make cc, they bring everyone to enjoy the time, play together as clan/ally/friends in a command channel they do most of the Raid Bosses HP by themselves, imagine then one top geared player that was logged off with full skills(as mentioned above) and logs in and deals the last hit to that Raid Boss, he will take all the dropped items. How you find it fair for the 14/21 etc players? That gathered there and put the effort into also killing the raid and share between everyone, not to a single player, to just lose everything because of that one hit the top geared that was logged off did, he just needs to cast a silence on all players and pew-pew the raid and is all his, and everything the others did was for nothing. As you might have noticed this trick is not used by under geared players, only by top geared, disbalancing the game because the 2x time skills used making them indestructible can easily evaporate everyone around them. My proposition is make the skill after being opened have same logic as runes, the moment you open, even if you logoff, the skill will decrease its cooldown. At least like that you give to other players a chance against the over-the-top players the game is facing with. Skills with cooldown more than 10 min after log in to the game should disappear: Archer Instinct / Power of Abundance / Battle Rhapsody / La Vie En Rose’s Enegy (brooch rhapsody) / Dragon Rage / Savage / Einhasad’s Wrath / Wrath of Elmore / Wrath of Aden / Heroic Berserker / Heroic Valor / Soul’s Insanity Zarich & Akamanah / Enables the Dignity / Final Ulltimate Escape / Protection of Faith / Spirit of Ferios.