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  1. Don't make eye contact with the dragon.
  2. Its funny.. when the bots were being purged on the server, the people who are commenting in here.. your clans were approached to help. The main question that was asked is "how does that benefit us".
  3. Cookiesmash - Giran Serving poutines and turning in pigs.
  4. If you minimize and reopen the the client with alt+tab it fixes it sometimes.
  5. The proc for this talisman removes buffs from other talismans when it goes off. For example talisman of fate will proc. The proc stays up for x seconds and then talisman of speed procs.. This removes the talisman of fate proc and puts up only the talisman of speed proc. The buff from the talisman also shows up underneath all the other buffs for some reason. For a p2w talisman this is really disappointing to see especially since this is the second time the talismans have come around.
  6. Way to post a 1 sided story. You literally warred 8 different people from my clan over the course of 2 weeks. We were patient with you knowing you were a new player.. we suggested different farming spots and asked you to stop pking nicely. You literally said "i will **** your mother" to 2 different people in the clan. We told you over the course of 2 weeks what a war against us will look like when we decide to fight back.
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