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  1. Pony Everywhere

    In October at the beginning of the server they also knew the problem of adena and it took only 30 days to fix, be calm, 30 days pass fast.
  2. information

    Lembrando que se não for resolvido hoje ou amanhã, SÓ SEMANA QUE VEM.
  3. Moon Armor

    New quest in Newbie Helper.
  4. adena and drop an spoil

  5. Teleport system bug?

    If you teleport from Giran to Ivory, it costs 3,000, from Giran to Ivory Crater, 3,900, BUT, this value can be easily avoided if you teleport from Ivory to Crater for free. I know that DEV is a competent person, but he should not close his eyes to our suggestions believing that he is absolutely right. After all, we're fat nerds who've been playing this for years.
  6. New JOB UI

    @Juji Any decision on that?
  7. "The Secret of Venezuela"??

    I'm not asking if they know, but when they will solve. At the beginning of the server in October they took almost 30 days to fix the same problem and now they make the same error, would you like to wait so long?
  8. When the update "The Secret of Venezuela" will be fixed? I'm starving on the server. 25a per mob? LOL @Juji @Hime
  9. New JOB UI

    When we add 2job in the new UI, we get items that give SP, why not reward all the players who did the quest the old way with those same items? I'm level 46 with another character created before the update and need SP to get some skills.
  10. @Juji @Hime Do you think about this possibility?
  11. New update S grade - WTF ?!!!

    Where did you get this information? #FakeNews
  12. WTB CRY C

    Looking for CC with good price, Mail me! "Apoliom
  13. Client will close now

    @Hime In VIP accounts this is not happening. I hope it fixes cuz I've been trying to log with UnVIP account for 2 hours and I can't!!!!
  14. I do not see any problem in any nationality playing on any server, I just think the target players will be in the americas and not europe/asia/africa. But of course, I can be wrong.