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  1. I respect your opinion and understand that you like the current version, but to suggest that the posts are "moderate" is to silence the client, which is us, we have the right to complain, suggest and criticize, because we are the ones who support this game.
  2. @Juji @Hime Did you notice that the servers are dead? Full of "autofarm" players? No competition? The Classic began with great anticipation, settings faithful to the proposed. It has now become a purchase tool with P2w items. It is no longer an interesting, immersive, fun game. You once again killed L2, relied on developer decisions, and having profit policies is an old mistake but still practiced by NCSoft. Congratulations, the illegal servers have become more attractive again.
  3. Do not rely so on your supposed "dev" decisions, it's killing classic, illegal servers are getting more players than the Official again because of such decisions. I hope you think well about your decisions or lose players day after day. DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!
  5. Talking or Giran. Aden and Gludio are dead!
  6. Simple, you spend all your savings on Ncoin purchases, spend with the ticket to participate in the event, enriches NcSoft, contributes to the destruction of the essence and proposal of the Classic style, with some luck it earns some rare iten, you come out smiling and me crying.
  7. Light Armor Mastery When equipped with light armor, P. Def. +11.8, Casting Spd. +88%, Atk. Spd. +25%, and MP Recovery Bonus +20%. Robe Mastery When equipped with a Robe, P. Def. +14.5, Max HP +50. By the above skills description, is better to use set light, the casting speed bonus is high and atk.speed too, does anyone tell me if my
  8. In October at the beginning of the server they also knew the problem of adena and it took only 30 days to fix, be calm, 30 days pass fast.
  9. Lembrando que se não for resolvido hoje ou amanhã, SÓ SEMANA QUE VEM.
  10. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12906-drop-rate-hello/?do=findComment&comment=93566
  11. If you teleport from Giran to Ivory, it costs 3,000, from Giran to Ivory Crater, 3,900, BUT, this value can be easily avoided if you teleport from Ivory to Crater for free. I know that DEV is a competent person, but he should not close his eyes to our suggestions believing that he is absolutely right. After all, we're fat nerds who've been playing this for years.
  12. @Juji Any decision on that?
  13. I'm not asking if they know, but when they will solve. At the beginning of the server in October they took almost 30 days to fix the same problem and now they make the same error, would you like to wait so long?
  14. When the update "The Secret of Venezuela" will be fixed? I'm starving on the server. 25a per mob? LOL @Juji @Hime
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