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  1. Client will close now

    @Hime In VIP accounts this is not happening. I hope it fixes cuz I've been trying to log with UnVIP account for 2 hours and I can't!!!!
  2. I do not see any problem in any nationality playing on any server, I just think the target players will be in the americas and not europe/asia/africa. But of course, I can be wrong.
  3. EU Player? NO! Both servers are for NA player, but one is located more to the south and the other more to the north because of the variation of timezone and ping.
  4. Can I play from Chile?

    Server classic will only appear in the list after 10/2
  5. Side BR ?

    Vai pro classic com essa mentalidade sim, vai dar certinho!
  6. Recrutando para CP

    Betim tem internet boa pra jogar? (brincadeira)! Salve mineirada.
  7. PETITION: Make Giran GMT -6

    We from South America will be happy to see your frustration when the server is located in comfortable timezone for us. But do not worry, it will be comfortable for you too.
  8. Can I play from Chile?

    Of course, maybe Talking Island will be the best server for you. (Low ping)
  9. I said in another post, the Latin community (SA) will come with expressive number, especially the Brazilian.
  10. It is a version of lineage that maximum level is 70, the maximum gear is b-grade, does not exist mana potion.
  11. Recrutando para CP

    I am an example of those who are without party, waiting for some friends to confirm, if they do not confirm, I will look for a CP to play.
  12. Recrutando para CP

    This post is intended only for Brazilians, the intention and join people who speak the same language, creating a topic in English would attract people who speak all languages, but I understand your point of view. We know that one (Classic NA) will attract Latinos as well, so it would be interesting to create sessions for Latinos to discuss in their native language. In South America, the number of Brazilian, Argentinean and Venezuelan players is immense and considerable.