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  1. we were all waiting for so long for this red libra event to come! thank you but there is a but how many players does it refer to? dyes and rudis option is removed, requests are ( sice last red libra) removed how many people own a +9 charm that want to trade it ? how many people own that high legendary dyes?
  2. seriously? then why do you even mention them on the patch notes on the first place? meaning i sold the wrong spirit stone ? is this a paid job you do for ncwest, or volunteer / hobby / free time activity?
  3. will we get any adena, items or real money for doing your work ? its been years of people botting, real money trading and scamming in l2 without any of the gm team even bother about it. log in game , look at your self. check the toons with, trillions and trilions of adena, check end game items and read their log. how can you ask us to do your job ?
  4. so , new characters with exalted gear, tank or healer can even kill a mob:)? ok the get more points if they make it , but what chances do they have to even craft a bracelet till the end?? from what i see or think about the event , people with strong gear get the most of reward, but they already own what the event has to offer, or they own even better gear... after all this time you give us a free to play event that is only doable from the people who can afford to spend tens of thousands in every event you had so far! nice move!
  5. Another week of a visa only free to play event... What about red libra and other in game events?
  6. Exploit is the clans with dark castles to be able to declare war. Now that even light castles have tax, clans that own castles should lose their right to declare war and apply the same rules to killing the owner members same as dark castle. You should ask the castle to be open for siege 24/7 with a reset back to npc every 2nd Sunday. There were times that 1member clans owned castles, there were times that clans were selling castles or defend/attack parties. 2 groups are enough to farm everything in l2 and this post proves it. Enjoy
  7. only result was to freely remove all pk counts from people like ex, iis and petipow, who just traveled the map of aden and pked everyone on the way !!! so amazed! it sounds like a planned advantage to people to make money with the new mentoring system, selling mentees , killing the rest!
  8. we need gms to log in game, go check grocer's and let us know if we need any of the items offered! shouldnt freya roses be in grocers? shouldnt some different type of heal pots be there? shouldnt rune stone or elcyum (powders at least) be there? whouldnt enchant scrolls be there? shouldnt there be a way to get bloody/dark stones other than those 4-5 groups of mobs in gainak , owned by already geared up people that just want to control their price? shouldnt there be more adena drops .. way more, so many more that rmt would be useless !!! and item drops! let people encha
  9. @Juji @Hime Can you please inform us a little earlier about maintainance? you do like 10 hours prior server shut down....
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