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  1. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    already tried the ToS thing didnt work.
  2. pretty much the only thing i havnt done yet in my power is flush the granted ips from the webstie and start over... im to scared to do this cuz i play from my home pc and my work pcs.. i see people crying all over the forums about account sharing i don't want my accounts blocked because i redid to many ips at once. my work pcs are working perfect no issues logging in.. then i come home and im at "client will be closed" at server select
  3. I can not log in to the website.

    happen to my friend they told him they couldnt help him. then all of a sudden right before they changed up the ncoin store he could log in again .. some ncsoft jesus's running around just gotta find them
  4. Restart the server or..

    same issue they told me its already fixed.. still cant login from server select. some people are paying 150$ or even more on ncoin a month and cant even load in :''''''''D
  5. Solution for login problems

    same problem. ncsoft claims they aready fixed the issue :'D
  6. WTB +8++ TopD 1Hand Mage

    WTB +8++ D Mage Wep Adena or Trade for +7 Top D 1 Hand Mage + Adena Pm: Koolaid
  7. Use the money you would spend on ncoin to hire a lawyer.
  8. yes please i just want to break even on shots while i farm 10k mobs for clear mind spellbook
  9. My friend has same problem. He made account for his girlfriend. He put 50$ ncoin on it to get it to vip4. They locked his account saying it was suspicious he spent to many ncoins. Then they unlocked it. Then 2 days later locked it again for suspicious activity. Now he cant get on the l2website with any of his accounts to purchase ncoins. They told him theres nothing they can do to help him. AND HE JUST WANTS TO GIVE THEM MONEY :'D
  10. The only thing broken about this is the Material drop rate and spoil rate.. The adena/xp/sp is ok for classic. But even with low xp rates you will hit 40 before u can even craft a Dgrade sheild. The rates are super low to make a long lasting server which is great. But nobody wants to be lvl 70 trying to craft a Cgrade weapon. Also, 10% per death? This needs to be changed for pvp only. Otherwise everyone will be carebear. If you die to mob i say you deserve 10% loss. Invite a healer to party instead of boxing 3 supports
  11. Same problem.. wait in que for 15m just to get kicked out.
  12. Logging in?

    Pm me. I can set you up with a monthly subscription to deez nuts.
  13. Logging in?

    Without us you could not play for free. Never ending QQ with you broke ass people :'D unless you offer help go troll a different post for free.