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  1. imd_Yat

    WTS Items

    WTS: +7 lvl 2 Water Pendant +3 Avadon Robe set (+4 Tunic) +4 Augmented Cursed Maingauche (Othell stage 1) +3 Nassen's Earring (x2) +3 Necklace of Seal +4 Ring of Seal Earring of Seal (x2) Ring of Ages (x2) Necklace of Mermaid Demon's Fangs (Wynn Acumen stage 3) Demon Robe set (C-grade) Karmian Robe set (C-grade) Divine Robe set (C-grade) Zubei's Shield Adena offers only please. Leave offers here or in game "Yattering
  2. I will just leave it here to realize what Auto Attack UI is. Click here I'm guessing that from now on all illegal 3rd programs are allowed.
  3. @Juji, @Hime what about this problem? L2 has always been a PvP game, so if players are now able to teleport in combat, the game will lose its charm and meaning.
  4. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/platne/serwer23732/public_html/lineage2classic/wp-content/plugins/themeisle-companion/obfx_modules/image-cdn/init.php on line 44 Coś się w PHP na linii 44 zepsuło...
  5. I had the same problem, but now it's fine for all of my accounts.
  6. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12073-a-way-to-log-in-tuto/
  7. I can not login into any account - the same message "The client will be closed" everywhere. Can you tell us how long this problem will last?
  8. I never used any bot and I never got a ban, is it a coincidence?
  9. Looking for +4/+5/++ any Top D-grade Mage Weapon (Ghost Staff/Atuba Hammer) or +7/++ Goat Head Staff.
  10. WTB OE Top D-grade Mage Weapon (staff or 1-hand). Preferred +5, +7 or higher. Leave me a message here or pm in-game "Yattering
  11. After two hours... Yes, I have VIP 4.
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