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  1. This Event is Awful

    I am a lv 79 wizard and I have more than 4000 m atk and I could not make a star in the event. the same character in two events killed the raid. of all who participated only 3 had 5 stars. who is the event for?
  2. I spent 8 hours yesterday without being able to log in. in the week several times he disconnected. we need two more weeks of event.
  3. I hope for a good reward. since since yesterday I cannot enter the game I am 79 shortly after arriving by me talisman of baium.Now I will not arrive.I hope you have a good solution for us that we enter every day of the year.
  4. Could you extend one more week to get the baium talisman? many of us need a few days to reach lv 80.