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  1. SpellBooks

    And CDL too. The low drop rate makes me wonder if there will be a spellbook chest in the shop that gives a random book, but of course you will get 100 Break Duress books before you get a useful one, and 1,000 before you DW. This is just my speculation, but it would be a good money maker for NCwest to introduce "hardcore" L2 the let you pay to make it easy L2.
  2. Main Support Rare?

    People won't appreciate live support until later in the game. BD/SWS don't get a single party buff until Lv 40. SE/EE don't get recharge until 28. Bishop doesn't get good heals until 40. PP was always a box class. WC's take a long time to develop. And that's when they begin to be useful. They aren't finished until well into the 50's. If pots and buffs are available in the Cash Shop (unknown as of this post) then people will want to push their DD's high level and F support. If you want to play support, find a CP.
  3. Which server will you play?

    Bump above all the duplicate/triplicate threads. Keep the submissions coming!
  4. best trio for fastest leveling

    Summoners getting nuke levels after 40 is 2.0 To level OL, pick a duo you'd like, basically fighter/pp or nuker/se and stick the OL in to leech. That works for EE's too since their buffs are lol too.
  5. Ofc it happens but for whatever reason people think everything that is faster or better than them is a bot. When things start happening faster not than humanly possible (because some people have crazy low stoned reaction speeds), but faster than the game itself allows, then it's a bot. If I know to hold down a macro (with a keyboard key, not spam clicking) with a seer's name on it and hit stun shot as soon as the target window appears so we trade stun shot and compelling wind and we're both incapacitated I'm a bot because how could I possibly have know he was there?! People throw out accusations left and right and barely any of them know what they're talking about. Target macro? that's a bot thing right? (also has happened to me)
  6. I partied with a guy in the catacombs once back in the day who was convinced I was botting because I had already targeted the next mob, so when the first one died I went straight to the second without delay and he said "that's impossible!". No IQ test to play L2.
  7. Non-CP Clans

    A lot CP's are "closed" CP's I guess you could say where if their SWS isn't online and a clan or ally SWS is lfp, the CP logs their CP SWS and boxes it and leaves the active SWS in the cold. They don't want their CP SWS falling behind in levels. I don't want to play this way anymore. "Closed" CP's only work for the no-lifer guys who have 7-8 online every night unlike the wannabe CP's that have max 5 people unless it's siege day. I hope there enough people to make a misfits movement on the server where people are happy to play at their level and top-tier players let us be our substandard selves in peace.
  8. @Juji Can you please post stuff like this in the Classic section too? Just makes sense to.
  9. spoiler +bd

    Yeah but there are heals still and accounts are free so anyone can box a Lv 30 SE for VR lv 1. Haste 2 is a must. We'll see whether there is fish stew or cash shop buffs. I'm in the same boat as everyone else and can't decide my setup until launch.
  10. Knight

    Tanks can "solo" with a buffer as easily as any other melee up until 40, then a c-grade weapon gives you a boost until the 50's then your exp rate is going to drop. Additionally at higher level, parties are going to expect you to have a CON build at the expense of your DPS so your solo'ing ability will drop far below efficient levels.
  11. Question for Gladiator

    Yes you do. But your charges develop really slowly. When classic launches there's going to be a bunch of great pvp at low levels and at level 40 gladiator's best bet to be useful in party pvp will be a blunt to do hammer crush and sonic blaster (which stuns now and can be used with blunt) and keep targets stunned. They can't do high spike damage without all their charges and all their skills. Plus Classic starves you for SP so you can only learn half of your skills and have to die a lot to get your exp and sp to line up. Debuffs are overpowered in classic so your "rotation" in a 1v1 is going to be keeping stun on your enemy, either with Sonic Blaster, Hammer Crush or both. 70+ you can do your proper rotation and drop that MF in true gladi style. For comparison, take a look at classes like archers. They get stun shot at level 34 and then they're set. Not much changes in their playstyle after that, not significantly. Nukers have all their stuff at level 30. At level 40+ they just get 900 range versions of the same stuff. Gladiators take a long time to get all their skills. That's all I'm saying. You're going to be exp'ing and saying to yourself "just wait until I get strong" while some of the best pvp on server goes on without you.
  12. recommend me dual box

    This forum really needs a moderator to delete duplicate topics.
  13. Class : Tyrant

    And yet I've never heard anyone say "get that tyrant down before he kills us all!"
  14. You don't want the cap to be 80 right away because there will be people account sharing, running their parties 24/7. With a lv 70 soft cap you will have a chance to catch up to them before the cap is raised (not raised, but higher level mobs/areas become available).
  15. –°yclic macros?

    Probably. Use search people. Duplicate topics suck.
  16. spoiler +bd

    Classic has nothing to do with other chronicles. It is a stand-alone game. Nukers are the strongest 55+ but harder to level than archers. Archers are strongest (edit: competitive) 40-52/55 because they get fire and warding at 40, and nukers don't get concentration and earth until 52 and 55. Archers bounce back at higher levels because they are easier to level, while nuker aoe parties have to stop for people cycling in and out for meals, bathroom, and cigarettes, not to mention people not showing up every day. AoE parties are harder to pull off. VR lv 1 should be available for cheap via the fishing system. We will have to wait and see if haste 2 is in the cash shop. I miss the days when it was available for ancient adena and SE was a viable buffer 52+.
  17. spoiler +bd

    BD+pp SWS+pp Wizard+SE or EE (group with the SE/EE) Spoiler+SE (might find group with the spoiler, esp if you have out-of-party recharge from boxed SE) A DD you love which makes you happy and people want to party you because you're a happy fun guy rather than a resentful guy playing a char he doesn't like for the benefit of others.
  18. spoiler +bd

    BD/SWS don't get a single buff until 40. You would be better off boxing a wizard! At least wizards get might/shield lv 1 and heals.
  19. spoiler +bd

    you have to have a pp or se for the buff yes, but also heals. BD/sws cannot heal you. SE gets buff/heal/recharge and is best buffer for spoiler at least early game (until 52-56).
  20. spoiler +bd

    2. A. the classes that are OP and you like being OP, B. healers if you are a very social person, C. the class you think is cool or think looks cool. Edit: seems like people think there is a NPC buffer or something, they don't pick pp/se as their box.
  21. Class : Tyrant

    Tips: play only if Tyrant is really your thing. Buffer: PP + BD Solo farm: yeah with buffs/heals like any melee Group: should yeah lots of ppl play melee for whatever reason DPS: Yes very good DPS. You can argue with Destro who is better. However, may be it because orcs are so big but I make it game of mine to watch the Tyrants in videos of mass pvp try to run up to do their 600 range skill and get dropped. Or stop to pop zealot and get dropped. Or run in to do melee range stuff and get dropped. Tyrants overestimate their survivability.
  22. Non-CP Clans

    It would not work well to be a mid-tier satellite to a top-tier clan because the mid-tier will get pk'ed, griefed, and warred by higher level top-tier enemies just for association. It would have to be a whole system of mid-tier clans warring other mid-tier clans and steering clear of top-tier activities.
  23. Need help choosing class

    It is always best to choose the class you enjoy playing, not the class that will be useful to other people. Like if you make a BD you'll suddenly start noticing now every pt is LF sws.
  24. Need help choosing class

    It is a tough spot for everyone. If you make your own support, do you play all by yourself until they finish their key buffs at 55-58, or do you find live parties when you can and risk getting more than 9 levels ahead of the support and they don't get any exp with you. I wonder this myself and will have to wait to see what is in the cash shop (if I can buy buff scrolls). I'm also thinking of having a mainJr. Same class and gets my old gear and I use him to level the support if I can't find live party on mainSr.
  25. Question for Gladiator

    Gladi is a really great class BUT it blows through its mp in less than 30 seconds and it's melee and pvp favors ranged parties. Also it's Gladiator-ness develops really slowly and you're a generic warrior with hammer crush and stuff until then.