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  1. I'm not quitting but I'm going to wait a few days or a week. Crap drops rates force us into newbie quests where there are 10 people for each mob, and the mages KS even tho they don't need the quest armor (Lv mission Devotion is better) and won't even get the right shots! Pretty sure I read they were going to increase spawn for newbie areas, but they didn't. So I will wait until it thins out because at that time, I think there will be some money on the server and people buying mats so I can make some money.

    Edit: I've played Russian 1.0 so I'm used to this level of suck, but when calculating the most efficient way to progress through the game, I'll wait.

  2. 5 minutes ago, KABAL said:

    A CAPTCHA UI window will appear when a suspected BOT has been reported after receiving the BOT Report 3 times.

    I am kinda worried about this. Yes I know, there will be some limits, but is so easy to report someone when you PvP over a spot when you party up with randoms for exemple. Until one inserts that Code, he will surely be killed or at least , close to, or taken out of the fight. 

    Imagine reporting the healer in a situation like that, or in raid fight, lol. 

    You do have 20 minutes to answer it. Hopefully we can drag the window to the side, so we can continue on despite it.

    Hell would be that it's on top of the interface and if you hit 4 even with enter chat on, the 4 goes into the captcha box.

  3. 6 minutes ago, JamesSunderland said:

    Your nostalgic buzzwords are meaningless and doesn't chance even slightly the meaning of what i just said. whats your point? Annoyed by words?


    I'm annoyed by your statement making no sense. It's a complete lack of trying. It's autistic cancer with a touch of atypical somatization disorder and althete's foot.

  4. Am I the only one who has a $400 computer sitting next to my good one? Problem solved, while you guys are posting complaints from $2,000+ computers and plan on spending $5,000+ on the cash shop when they put something good in it.

    (Edit: for website log in issues, use different browsers I believe worked last time I logged a bunch of accounts to claim some 0 ncoin thing.)

  5. 4 hours ago, JibirilShiro said:

    When I played long ago I did SE with SS for mana recharge but not sure what DD be good for SWS if I go that route, so many classes it hard trying pick one.  Least I got little while decide before server is live. 

    you can level up a SWS to 60 with a buffer behind it. After that it's painful. But many will find all levels of classic painful.

  6. [ Giran ] Melee & Friends social clan

    A few people seem interested in a non-CP clan, which means no declining clan members to level boxes. The point is to play with active people. You can party a box buffer if no live buffer is available and things like that, but the goal is to accommodate everyone who is lfp. This will not be a top-tier competitive clan. It may even end up being only a discord channel since clans are hard to level up in the beginning anyway.

    This will be a melee clan. Most classes will be welcome pre-40 as long as they have a decent weapon for single-target melee. After 40 Overlords, Warlords, and nukers will not fit in well anymore because they level best with AoE. If someone wants to make an AoE sister clan, they sure can.

    Members are still encouraged to make box toons to use when no live people are available, even DD's for those odd occasions when 3 supports are on but no DD's. O.o


  7. And CDL too. The low drop rate makes me wonder if there will be a spellbook chest in the shop that gives a random book, but of course you will get 100 Break Duress books before you get a useful one, and 1,000 before you DW. This is just my speculation, but it would be a good money maker for NCwest to introduce "hardcore" L2 the let you pay to make it easy L2.

  8. People won't appreciate live support until later in the game. BD/SWS don't get a single party buff until Lv 40. SE/EE don't get recharge until 28. Bishop doesn't get good heals until 40. PP was always a box class. WC's take a long time to develop. And that's when they begin to be useful. They aren't finished until well into the 50's. If pots and buffs are available in the Cash Shop (unknown as of this post) then people will want to push their DD's high level and F support.

    If you want to play support, find a CP.