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  1. Im confused on how it would be a software problem, the software hasnt changed much in 14+ years and during the original launch they had alot more peopole than 6k playing at once. It is a hardware limitation they can easily set the max number of people to say 8k but the hardware its running on may not be able to handle anymore people. Also if it crashes the server, people who are saying restart the server every x hours have their fix too =)
  2. Reported ?

    exactly what happened to my dwarf... now ill wait for a week for a reply. Reminds me of the good ol days.
  3. I get the random part but its pretty well documented it is a 10 minute time limit from the time you hit play till the time you are in game. If you remove the pin that is an extra 5-10 seconds depending on each person and the randomized number placement. Been plenty of times where I hit the start button and get disco'd as im about to hit ok on the pin. That is more annoying than getting disco'd before seeing the character. If I get to my character screen I should be in...
  4. Character reported + Debuff

    Its after 3 reports you get the captcha, but still doesnt stop people from false reporting you because they want the spot you have been farming in. It doesnt seem like the gm's are actually investigating either. I was farming for trident recipe and short spear blades on my dwarf and another person came in and tried to take the room. When they pulled the mob i stunned them to death and he said he was reporting me. Sure enough an hour later dc'd right before maintenance tried logging in and said account locked.
  5. nothing has changed with the queue once again....
  6. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    So my question is where did they announce that VIP get priority queues? Looking at https://www.lineage2.com/news/classic-vip-rewards-program I do not see it listed anywhere. That means you guys got VIP without knowing this would happen. Unless I am mistaken and you can show me a page where it list this.
  7. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    It seems like a simple fix... if people with VIP are not having the issue then remove the priority till you can actually fix the queue. Unless you guys know that this will happen to everyone if you do remove priority then you guys have bigger issues.
  8. Botting is Legal at classic l2

    lol how wrong you are. I can set my mouse to automate button presses on a set interval. Press this button every x amount of seconds. set the option to repeat till you the macro button is pressed again on your mouse. (this is a naga razor)
  9. Don't go pole warior

    I think it has more to do with how the queue is handled for VIP compared to f2p users. can play if you cant get in. Only way to secure a way to play right now is being VIP or never logout once you get in.
  10. to be honest if you have VIP you dont get a say in this. It was never stated that VIP will have queue priority. Till you experience sitting in queue 5-10 times because you keep getting kicked then you can have an honest opinion on how to handle the queue.
  11. Botting is Legal at classic l2

    Lets not get botting confused with macros. Most modern day peripherals logitech and razor all have macros that are not illegal and are pretty easy to configure. Granted both suck but bots are a bit more reactive than they are on a timer. At the time only thing we can do is report them with the awesome report a bot that they auto add to your hot bar.
  12. The Great Wall

    I would say VIP is P2W right now just based on they can get right into the game without waiting in queue and getting dropped 32 times before you can get in.
  13. Client will close now

    i closed out of my other boxes and have been fine since.