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  1. stop say fake infos, they dont drop D/C that D/C is only the varnish ! @Edd i used to farm in Ant Nest when you kill the Queen and and i saw some improves scrolls A also i saw some A grade Armor drops and weapon if im not wrong, Runes ! Lets be honest, before the update that raids used to drop D grade items and some C grade ! but people used to camp them in middle of the night to kill them just to take the big Reward Ring of Queen Ant ! thats why you are killing them right now aswell, to get The Epic jwels not to make ur pocket bigger ! DaimonCrystal used to kill those raidbosses from months, sometimes i see other guys coming and pking so they was fighting for that raidboss, i guess they dont fight for D/C items, they were there to fight for the Epic jewelery ! Also whats wrong if the Cloth Piece price will go over 100kk ? everyone has Ketra and Varka as farm spots they can go in there and AFK farm for cloth piece. All you guys want is to make ur pocket full because most of you allready got end game gear and you are just selling everything you get extra ! @Juji Leave the Epic bosses as they are right now ! dont change anything thats pretty fine, let the player enjoy the Epic jwel only , please dont make they'r pockets FULL ! As DaimonCrystal used to farm that raidbosses for over 6 months every day to get epic Jewelery @Edd you guys can do the same ! + you get extra income aswell the IEWA IEAA and a chance to get Perma Dolls Lv1 as Japan / Korea server has !
  2. Hey wakeup that D/C items they are High Grade Varnish (items needed to upgrade D grade weapons +12 to TOP C grade +11 also Top C +12 to TOP B) i guess you guys dont realize that 1 Varnish D price is about 30kk adena and 1 Varnish C grade is about 50kk adena or more ! Thats true the new epics drop, less items than previouse zaken 75 lvl but you have a chance to obtain Ring lvl 3, Orfen , aq , baium dolls lvl 1/2 from that epics, so what you expect? Im not killing that raids, im not part of any clan who used to kill that raids but i bellive the drops are pretty fine as they are ! As i understand the leader of Black Lotus used to share every 2 months 3 cloth piece to each cp (rest of the CLoth piece going into his pocket) @Juji @Hime Leave the raidbosses as they are right now! that way you going to stop the KING Real money traders from selling many items!