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  1. Hello lineage community 2. With my utmost respect, I wanted to give my opinion about the l2 classic. Unfortunately I'm disappointed, lineage 2 is not what I expected, and for those who expected a balance between chronicle 1 and 5, and be able to relive those moments, we find a different game. The pvp mechanics are different and rough, the skills are different. For example, the gladiator in addition to the lioneart has a stun to rank, turning it into a broken class. In the old l2, the gladiator had to craftear a mace to be able to estunear, and it was acceptable because it gave more flexibility to the class, but had to take the job of making the craft. The tyran has Braveheart, a skill he never had in ancient chronicles. Also now, the tyran will also have Lionheart, just like the dwarves. Then they balance the game more similar to a tyrr warrior, and not to the classic mechanics. You just have to look at the old skills to chronicle 5-6 and put them, nothing else, to maintain the identity of the old classes. The titan stuns you to death, and also uses a fear zone, with high chances of hitting.. They must adjust the chance of hit of this type of abilities. Rogues, archers and tyran with heavy armor, what is this?. I think the classic lineage 2 could have been something beautiful, but things have not been done well. Greetings and I apologize for my translation, I am not an English expert.