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  1. The Matchstick Sisters Event Starts 12/12

    It's to bad the in game rewards don't mirror the rewards in the L2Store, it could have been a half decent event.
  2. Yeah, they will work on the ticket you submit and will mark it "Solved" after 48 hours and the bots will still be there days or weeks later, that's the extent of it...
  3. Best place to farm with Spoil

    By mob level 30 there's not really many good mobs to spoil that aren't camped 24/7 by bot crews, at least in the level 30-40 range, except for the mob @majula mentioned and the bots don't like messing with it because it's a "Very High HP" mob that usually spawns with other "Very High HP" mobs and ranged aggro mobs. Any of the other mobs that aren't botted 24/7 don't have a decent enough spoil rate to bother with, you can spoil more mats with a lower level deleveled scavenger.
  4. exp weekend + sister event

    Event items are dropping at he same time as regular items, at least Thread and Suede will drop with the event items. As for the +50% weekend drop rate bonus, well that's just a typo or something that got lost in translation, it's really just +5%. I doubt the tight wads at NCSoft would really give everyone on the server VIP 4 drop rate status for free.
  5. The Matchstick Sisters Event Starts 12/12

    During the event period, the drop rate for event items will be 2x between server time peak hours (18:00 – 24:00 server time).
  6. VIP 4 is utterly useless

    I agree VIP 1/2/3/4 is useless as tits on a tomcat, unless you want it for XP bonus or Silver Coins. And like @TDG said +50% of jackshit is still jackshit...
  7. Lag is Giran. You can check your latancy in your Resource Monitor>Network>TCP> Connections>L2.bin
  8. Wich buffer do you recomend? Help me!

    Best buffer for artisans and scavengers are SO/SE hands down the best because of Recharge, EO/EE are ok but I prefer VR.
  9. VIP 4 box with two VIP 0

    Regardless of what been published or what NCWest is saying, it looks like to me that when in a party the VIP level defaults to the lowest VIP level of the party. At least that's what it looks like to me, the only time I've got decent drops were when I was leveling up another toon out of party to replace my abandoned scavenger. When I leveled up in a party, the scav(VIP 4) and the buffer(VIP 2), I would get mediocre full drops, random drops here and there. But when I leveled up the the replacement(Human Warrior) on the VIP 4 account out of party I got a noticeable increase in full drops, consistently over a period of a few days. When the toon caught up and they were in party together again drops went down noticeably, at the time I was assuming that the party had an overall VIP of 3, but after leveling other toons up solo or out of party on a VIP 2 account, the drop rate while I was partied seems to be similar to the VIP 2 drop rate, if that makes any sense. TL;DR VIP level defaults to the lowest VIP level of the party either by design or because it's bugged, in my opinion. After all how could they even test how the VIP system is working as intended with all the RNG involved. Just my 2 cents.
  10. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    I don't think light blue mobs drop normal on this version of Classic, not from what I've seen especially adena it seems like it only drops at a 30%-40% rate off the light blue mobs instead of 70% chance to drop.
  11. Sieges for Christmas.

    They should put sieges off for quite some time, with the track record that NA Classic has, chances are that the siege mechanics haven't been fully tested and are probably broken or imbalanced. Besides who wants a 15%-30% tax in Giran or in any other city for Xmas?
  12. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    SCATCN(Stop Complaining About The Complainers Now) A lot of whiteknights complaining about complainers...awesome...
  13. Why do you keep playing here?

    Wait, what? Innova/4game's Skelth is an illegal server?
  14. Suggestions for server

    My suggestion: DISKPART> format
  15. Well, RMT needs to get adena somehow. Do you really think that the Sweetest Vemon quest reward of 3200a was a bug or unintended?