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  1. Hello guys, i need some Info for the raids above right now, because after they were patched they all changed and i dont know the Requirements for them anymore.I want to know Level required,Level of the bosses and how many parties for each.My CP is farming balok-etina-taverns and dailies right now.We are looking for more possibilities for drops.Thanks to anyone who responds.
  2. Was the Plunderous adena ninja nerf was confirmed? That it works as intented?Mobs are lvl110 now,cant kill shiet.So balok is 14man now, plunderous nerfed,whats next?Remove fishing from the game and this is the end of live Servers.
  3. i got 2 crtical dmg cheap rings, so im forced to gather 35b for a weapon, sounds like impossible pff :(. allright thanks.
  4. yeh iv seen his guide, its really helpful, but he doesnt mention is weapon is the priority or jewels or talis.So i dont know what i should buy first.
  5. Thanks for the guide sir, i wanna ask about the Order of things.What should a naked dagger buy? I mean in what order of the items you mentioned, should i get jewels first? Talisman?a weapon first? I wear exalted only, thanks for respond
  6. Just as the title suggest,im kind of new to this.I want to know guys as a new player, i decided to get a weapon first,and i dont know which one is gonna be better.For example one R99 bloody +12 costs like 35B,thats something probably i cant afford for the next 2-3 months.While i can find a Krishna +7 for 13b,it seems a more possible Goal instead.I want your Opinions with what weapon should i go for,or even if i should get a weapon at all and focus at other things.Right now im Exalted gear only and nothing else, dagger lvl107.Im trying to build damage fast to be able to solo at least somewhere.
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