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  1. There have been huge violations of the code of conduct. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15394--report-harassment/ rules are here. Reporting has done nothing, support offers no help. Fix this asap.
  2. na i mean for instance if you pick an item with skill power vs an item with m atk stats the m atk stats are higher % than the skill power items. camparing 1% to 1% is not the same value.
  3. these lying ass managers are such a joke. you guys need to go read about iron gate. learn how GOOD devs and managers do thier jobs.
  4. so 80 coin = $1 usd so thats $440 usd to upgrade brooch lvl 2 to 3 minus the boxes that become radiant gems.....LOL
  5. top M atk is double top skill power and more than on some of the items and slots, minus a few. So, prioritizing M atk gives you greater values and results, not saying 1% m atk is better than 1% skill power.
  6. are the gem boxes from the nc shop lvl 1 or random lvl?
  7. your comparing 10% to 10%. M atk and skiill power items dont share the same % values. M atk can be higher numbers than skill power.
  8. for some products id imagine its pretty impossible. especially for razor products, as the drivers are running several apects of the mouse and key like lights and positioning(if you have the fancy mouse). the macro part is an extension of the program that runs all of that. In most cases macros are used to simply hold down keys, can be done just as easily with a coin between keys, like everyone used to do before auto SS. Most players use this to compensate for the macro lag, not gain an advantage.
  9. Its not against any EULA. IT is not defined as 3rd party software as it does not affect the files of the game. Its technically an input device, like a turbo controller. Console games are having huge issues with this right now. There are "aim assist" boxes that act as macros between controller and console to input commands that help things like recoil reduction and scope speed.
  10. addition of the party zone is great, but its so small...how many groups of mobs actually are in there?
  11. at 111 max sill power from SS is under 900. 1% of 900 =1. try math. ive tested with augs, def got more damage from m atk than skill power.
  12. i find M atk gives more dps than skill power. M skills have a very low power compared to physical classes. 10s of thousands in difference. and the cap we want removed is the low crit rate cap.
  13. maybe true about the mentees, but server sure runs better since they removed it.
  14. insulting copy/paste answers.* I wouldn't even call them generic. No company in their right mind says stuff like they do.
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