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  1. @Juji @Hime you wondering how fast you can kill what little is left of ur population???
  2. @Juji @Hime Question so the Four Goblet quest you ever think that'll be possible to do soon? I mean you can't even take 1 hit from those mobs without dying and you think we'll be able to take 10-15 of them on at once?
  3. This has been known for years ever since it went F2P, yet people still play, and still question it. It's truly amazing that people stil dont understand they don't care.
  4. Such a shame @Juji @Hime why are you guys putting p2w event in, and than putting a worthless event in. How about you get together a Roadmap of whats to come so people can see whats happening. The servers are dying and you're doing nothing....... The tablets drop rates are a joke, no Oly, only 1 castle to siege that's PVE 50% of the time... such a shame oh well
  5. Rip server @Juji ever think of why the people wanted a classic server? it's because GoD killed the game with cash shop items and p2w events... RIP classic
  6. Well, They have Divine Blessing, and Sacrifice which are great for support, and Angelic Archon for more tankness. Instead of just focusing on assist, fear or target fear whats in front of you, you actually focus on taunt, stun while throw Sacrifices out to whom needs an instant heal. The Class is more interactive than people think, and sure atm it's not the best, but you still have a job to do.
  7. Play what you want, DA is OP with fear and what not, but Paladin is just so much more fun to play, and just requires more skill.
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