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  1. You do know who bought his weapon, right? Or do you not want to admit or fail to see that members in your clan do the very same things that you accusing exe of doing?
  2. They dont to try very hard.....rumor is dubot...ozzy...f2pr all quitting and selling. More too....
  3. Actually, what spawn is doing is called trash talking. You should probably try this instead being butt hurt. Also...why did you put a smiley face after your sentence? It kinda shows a passive aggressive take on all of this...you're crying, and then being passive....you're too weak minded bro. Grow a set.........
  4. Since his cp left him, he's by himself and sits in town all day selling. That's not much of an alliance....but is better for him to go to max for protection (as long as they don't understand why his cp transferred without him )
  5. I'm honored that you steal my line... Why u mad bro...haters gon hate
  6. Why u mad bro...haters gon hate ..and what's a philosoper anyway lol...nab... u fail at life
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