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  1. Not only giran, but talking island as well. I'll quit, since leveling is a pain in the ass due those clans and bots, and it seems that at higher levels will be the the same or worse, there is no point to keep trying. Either they increase drastically the adena drop at high levels, and punish fiercely those high levels who go to bot flooding low level zones, or this will be dead as no new players will be here. Sadly, since quarantine is the best chance NCsoft has to save l2. I'm putting no cash in a game that doesn't guarantee to keep progressing. If high levels players go to farm at low level, it means that high level drop need to be increased. Then, only botters left will be adena sellers. And to get rid of them: ban them, ban their ips, crush their accounts as a destro would crush their skulls. They are no real players, just ppl making profit of the game, wasting space a real player could use.