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  1. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Nice solution, you are the best.... (Sarcasm mode on)
  2. Has + - 12 thousand people online and queue to enter because the NC there was no community? Everyone loves L2 and having to wait a queue to be able to play is a lack of carelessness with people. Is it so difficult to readjust some project? • 3 acc is ridiculous, helps bots and inflates the server; • kick afk players, not the sellers or fishermen this is part of the game. after that comes other measures...
  3. Reported ?

    I am vip 3 and when I entered the afternoon now, "tdannn" reported for taking to enter and use third party programs ?! This is ridiculous. 1hour the penalty. Nice, Nice
  4. @Juji the community would like to know, which influenced the decision to: no drop (PVE dead). Thanks.
  5. Side BR ?

    A questão não é essa, por mais que o Convict esteja flodando, a moderação precisa moderar os comentários de todos, então: english only, vamos manter a comunidade amigável a todos.
  6. Procuro CP 10h+ Gameplay

    Oi, vamos seguir o pedido do ADM e conversar em inglês. Hi, let's follow the requests the community manager and speak in english. " Hello, we understand that many of our players speak different languages, but since we only support English for Lineage II Classic and Live, we ask you to do your best in providing an English translation for your posts. Many thanks! "