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  1. scam event??

    You are part of the problem. You deserve nothing.
  2. Patch note error? Balthus Knight

    Thx @Juji for implementing the p2w items. You have made my decision to not be a ncsoft customer easier.
  3. NCSOFT silence about pedants

    Speaks volumes doesn't it.
  4. So everyone that doesn't want to spend lots of money on p2w items in the shop which they said wouldn't be there are "freeloading crybabies"? Guess we know who is dumping money to ncsoft on pendants eh? Good luck with that bud.
  5. Limit Box

    Too bad they want server to be on auto follow.
  6. Lets check Continents

    Majority uusa
  7. Vip4 %drop in group

    Easy way to combat nerds that want you to have vip: make friends that don't sux
  8. Its a server p2w, deal with it and stop crying

    Every game with a subscription is p2w! You can't even play without paying!! Those who do win over you!
  9. Its a server p2w, deal with it and stop crying

    No kidding. I've seen p2w and this isn't it. People just like to complain.
  10. Its a server p2w, deal with it and stop crying

    Its not p2w though.
  11. Honest Opinion

    This is solid advice. You can solo on any character, its just that its not as efficient as a party. Most nerds will have lots of boxes because they don't have the stomach to level without full buffs. If you want to play one character, do that and find friends. It is a much more rewarding way to play in my opinion.
  12. Vip4 %drop in group

    I think its going to be a buff. You will be able to see who has vip and who doesn't? Can't wait til all the nerds kick ppl without it
  13. As someone who is playing a SWS main with no boxes. I hate this. Whatever. Continue to cater to the boxers. Social game played anti social, fun.
  14. Petition Auto pickup

    lol priv serv rulesets