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  1. You need also to add this to Classic!!
  2. Everyone is quitting! Are you willing to fix anything?Even your GM buffs @Juji was wrong 2 days ago.You had forgotten to give us haste!
  3. NC launcher doesnt work.We cant login .Fix it.
  4. FIX THE bleep SERVER!.NO WORDS ANYMORE .ACTS ONLY. We are tired to pay you and to do not get anything back.We cant PVE,we cant PVP.The only thing that we are getting is Pay2win events and none fix ! You get our money but you dont work to open the map,and to balance the classes.As i alway say to my beloved m8s .THE BASICS. @Juji @Hime
  5. The quick and easy fix is to reduce more the areas of :Lair of antharas,Dragon valley,Imperial tomb and Tower of insolence. Asking for opening the map will never happen .... They had proved us that the won't do it .2 years+ now nothing had happened except changing the mobs in these 4 regios only. So,please reduce more these regio ,so the people that are not having adrenaline and OP gear will stop spending there adena /time at elemental 76 zone while they are 84 lvl . The region's above are wide enough for all server ,if eventually nerved enough. Ch
  6. Should i start laughing now or later @Bladez ? You are talking for an Archer with DB+20 ,Draconic Armor +15 and A Summoner with 30kk euros Equip. 2 Chars that are having the most OP GEAR? Useless point of yours!
  7. Hello, This new system of flagging the others even if you like it or not is sux. First of all by reducing the penalty by dropping clan to 1minute ,you just destoying clans and unity. In my opinion ,if you want to fix pvp status ,you have to remove completely the dettaging system until the war is ended. Everyone will have pvp and all of us will be happy. Clan UI sux also,you cant see the clan skills only at your passive skills. Bloody Crystals?It supposed you would fix that also somewhere between 2030? You added more levels to clan but without fitting more mem
  8. I was not a ninja ,i did 5-0 the last day and i claimed it back ,if that bug was not there ,i would be 26 PTS in front of you! My problem is that bug exist from day 1 that they had released the new weekly based olympiad and they have no fix it yet!
  9. I totaly agree.This server is a summoners server only.Daggers are ZERO,my ARcher is ZERO,Gladiators are ZEro.These classes where always legendary classes and now ,noone has them or playing them.You are going to SIege and its like a ZOO that needs a ZOO keeper! Normal Shot gives more damage than DOUBLE shot!Then why do we have that skill ??? Not mention overal the balancing between classes is 0. Ok the pay2win Staff,somehow you need to get paid and we are paying you but after that WORK also to fix your bleep server! WE NEED ALL CLASSES TO WORK. Havent you tried for exam
  10. Failed to teleport me into the arenas.Not incombat sry for this misstype,my GSM autocorrection fault.
  11. This is becomes really frustrated to try to get your hero and to lose pts because it didnt teleport you the game mechanism inside the arena.The char was not incoming ,was not exping or pvping ,i was just waiting to get into the arena and it just failed to teleport me ! Result: -25 pts. This is not the first time that happends and not only to me but to alot of players.Today from 1005 pts ,i jumped to 980 because of that bug. Are you going to fix it or not ?? Its the 3rd time that i am losing the hero because of that bug. @Hime @Juji
  12. Server is dealing disconnect issues from multiple countries! Check it out please! @Juji
  13. You have a serious issue!After 4 account logged to get the code,can`t log into your site !You have to solve eventually that flagged ip issue! We are not hacking ,we are not stealing ,we just want to add the code at our accounts!! @Juji @Hime
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