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  1. Graphical issue since update

    @Juji @Hime my problem with the shaders is still remains!Cant play at Forgotten island ,Can you answer me how to fix it ? It is 1,5 year ago and still no answer!! Ticket leads my here but you dont reply!!Dont tell me about Graphic drivers i have the latest 09/09/2020 ,direct x latest,Graphic card AT RX580.
  2. It is so funnny!! You had 2 weeks to prepare yourselfs for an event! Now,you need 4 Restarts to make it happend? Secret event?? it is RED LIBRA you have posted 1 month ago at Quality of life!!! Now you may QQ!!
  3. Stupid during summer time to do such a thing since everyone will go on safe mode(AFK exping) .. Want to do something ??Give us at least new regios ,open the map for god shake!
  4. Mass Dc/huge Lag

    Again you are dealing problems with your ISP?You need definetly to fix it !!!
  5. Confirmed also ,alot of my members can`t recieve verification MAil back from you @Juji
  6. Screenshot contest winners - congrats!

    https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/ZpYdtvs The problem is not that we have send them nice photos,the rules were stricted to those that are playing at NA and not in Europe !!!
  7. Imperial Tomb - 10% Reduction in Attack Power Dragon Valley - 10% Reduction in Attack Power Antharas’ Lair - 10% Reduction in Attack Power Are you kidding me?You have such a big Regio and all player still trumped at FOG??10% on a regio of Dragon Valley that could be a very good hunting zone for more than the half o the server population?Empty regios that noone good visit them until now?Wonna Help?Yea Help but this is rediculous !New regios as Rune is not released.Are we playing classic or modern classic?At least 30% has to be the reduction on Antharas -IT and Dragon Valley ,so our players to have more exp spots available and more Drops!! Cmon ,you may do it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Your reward are changed dramatically.We are getting things that are supposed to be given on Advance victory... Your release notes are incorrect,your translation note inside the game is wrong.What are you willing to do??Are you so busy with our server that you dont even having the time to check all these issue?I remember the old day about having a test server!why you dont do that again?When we saw you a bug ,you try to fix it but the things that we ve lost,we havent got any additional reward! Agathion soul??3 weeks later still nothing!Is so hard to fix that also?? @Juji
  9. Give us back all broken once !Here you mentioned that enchanting is 100% after +3 https://imgur.com/a/b7bLgIb
  10. @Juji Can you please make it clear for us if the Aden tour continues tomorrow? It is little of bit weird the login information with the Forum and release note one! Lineage II Classic Event Summary The 16th Anniversary Events include: Baium Festival Aden Tour Minigame https://www.lineage2.com/news/16th-anniversary-contest-and-events#L2C
  11. Baium Festival Bugged

    Bad translation ?? It is on NCsoft`s Patch note!!!
  12. Hello, it is the second week of the Baium festival and still is bugged ,normally the first player that collects 5 stars,the game mechanish has to teleport all party members according your patch notes! Would you fix it please? Defeat monsters and collect stars. Once 5 stars are collected, you and your party will automatically move to the next floor
  13. Graphical issue since update

    Can someone please try to reply or to help us on that graphic bug?I have it since october aand noone seems to care or to give us an answer..Forgotten island is unreachable with floating graphics.............. @Juji
  14. I will like to say that even if you merge or you open the transfers ,will not help to keep us into your server. You need to act. ,NOW but opening new regios to farm/exp.Adena has to be dropped from every single mob... Castles has to be opened again... All bugs has to be fixed.... Act on facts before is toooo late. Thank you.. @Juji
  15. Graphical issue since update

    @Ingwaz I have that issue 2 months now.I cant play at Forgotten island ...I have done everything .Latest drivers ,latest Direct X,Unistall and reinstall the game,delete all texture and use the repair...Nothing seems to work....If you submit a ticket for such a thing ,they are answering you back that you have to open a topic in here ,so that the developer team will see it but unfortunately ,they dont even reply me here............... Shaders are also disabled .When they are unabled i see the monsters and the pets from the summoners in BLACK like a shade...