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  1. Graphical issue since update

    Can someone please try to reply or to help us on that graphic bug?I have it since october aand noone seems to care or to give us an answer..Forgotten island is unreachable with floating graphics.............. @Juji
  2. I will like to say that even if you merge or you open the transfers ,will not help to keep us into your server. You need to act. ,NOW but opening new regios to farm/exp.Adena has to be dropped from every single mob... Castles has to be opened again... All bugs has to be fixed.... Act on facts before is toooo late. Thank you.. @Juji
  3. Graphical issue since update

    @Ingwaz I have that issue 2 months now.I cant play at Forgotten island ...I have done everything .Latest drivers ,latest Direct X,Unistall and reinstall the game,delete all texture and use the repair...Nothing seems to work....If you submit a ticket for such a thing ,they are answering you back that you have to open a topic in here ,so that the developer team will see it but unfortunately ,they dont even reply me here............... Shaders are also disabled .When they are unabled i see the monsters and the pets from the summoners in BLACK like a shade...
  4. Graphical issue since update

    @Juji I have still a problem at Forgotten Island...I have already the latest drivers,turned off the shader ,updated Direct X....Still cant play at Forgotten island .Check my photos above and share it at developers team please,i had posted that 2 months ago and still the problem remains...
  5. Constant Disconnects

    Here we are again,i just got dced again !!!!!!
  6. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    @Juji That is really rediculous!!We are opening a ticket for a bug,then the GM that answer you says ,please open a topic at our forum so the developers could see.Then you are saying that we have to submit a ticket!!!!!!! Talk each other first and then decide 1 line all of you at NCsoft .
  7. I have the same BRO.But the only thing that matters to NCsoft is L2store only not fixning their BUgged lineage 2 client ><
  8. Constant Disconnects

    Again disconnect!!3 disconnects in 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICEEEEEEEEEEEE
  9. Constant Disconnects

    I have constant disconnects also and alot of my clan members .What is going ??Why do we pay for VIP and exp boost?Graphics at TOI are destroyed ,you dont see the walls anymore,forgotten island is been floating with water and mobs are dropped from the sky!! 15 years old game and you dont know how to fix those issues?Olympiad also fails to transfer you into the arena and you lose the matches also.I pay for having all this BUGS?WHERE ARE YOU @Juji ????????????????
  10. Graphical issue since update

    Nice fix NCSOFt!! 4th week and still Forgotten island isnt accesable!! Bravo to the developer team that are really so busy !! >< https://imgur.com/a/RTj6AI9 https://imgur.com/a/73uKsUr
  11. Graphical issue since update

    That is fixing only the black shaders problem,doesnt fix the problem at forgotten island!There are a few ppl that are having that issue.I had updated graphic card drivers,Direct X ,deleted textures and system folder and re-download everything but the problem still remains.You have to fix it ..Also Grand olympiad fails to move you into the arena with the results of losing points!It happens at the town or at hunting zones.I have lost 2/5 matches 2 days before and 1/5 matches yesterday while i was at giran town.
  12. Graphical issue since update

    https://ibb.co/Ksp3fp2 https://ibb.co/Nt90Lb5
  13. Olympiad

    I want to report a bug.While you are registered at the Grand olympiad.When the cames tries to move you inside the arena,sometimes doesnt transfer you and oyu are losing also the much.I had this twice yesterday and i lost 2 or the 5 games for tha bug.Is failing to transfer you into the arena and you are losing your points also. Graphic bug with black graphics is remaing and it affects also the Forgtotten island that its like floating of water everywhere while the mobs are dropped into a void!!
  14. Graphical issue since update

    I have the same issue and also i cant play at the Forgotten island.After the last update ,i cant play there ,is full of water and my char is swimming and the mobs are droping into the void.
  15. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 2

    Where did you have seen that ??And who are you actually?