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  1. Did anyone ask/answer in this topic whether NCSOFT bans based on how you use a program (you don't use the auto features), or based on the capabilities of the program (program has auto features). If it's the latter, almost everything is bannable, except using feet!
  2. The population took a big hit with the release of NCwest Classic. But also remember Skelth has boxes and shops, but no bots padding the numbers. @Tanaka which reward?
  3. Maybe it's a good thing. The p2w'ers can stay on NCwest and those who don't want p2w can go to EU server without p2w'ers!
  4. @Lafush We are lucky it happened early so we didn't get too invested. Time to cut our losses imo. Skelth has lot of items to help new players, C-grade expertise rune with free 30-day C gear, exp runes for 1-75 only. Double exp event starts today.
  5. NCwest is f2p with bots, Skelth is subscription with no/few bots. Both have people boxing supports or CP members' chars rather than partying live players. Both require an off-the-books revenue stream to be competitive. I'm not sure if I play here or go back to Skelth. I don't like having to pay a full month's subscription just to log my char and see what's up if I've been away awhile.
  6. It is not hard to have one main gaming computer and 2 super cheap other computers $200-400 each. I do in fact. And there are programs that can do macros for all sorts of applications. I would say the only thing wrong with parties like these is how ugly they look, but 9 live people in a melee party look the same! People always get upset when someone is L2'ing better than they are. Impossible! Is bot! GM!
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