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  1. A few questions from the new player

    NCwest is f2p with bots, Skelth is subscription with no/few bots. Both have people boxing supports or CP members' chars rather than partying live players. Both require an off-the-books revenue stream to be competitive. I'm not sure if I play here or go back to Skelth. I don't like having to pay a full month's subscription just to log my char and see what's up if I've been away awhile.
  2. It is not hard to have one main gaming computer and 2 super cheap other computers $200-400 each. I do in fact. And there are programs that can do macros for all sorts of applications. I would say the only thing wrong with parties like these is how ugly they look, but 9 live people in a melee party look the same! People always get upset when someone is L2'ing better than they are. Impossible! Is bot! GM!