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  1. 100% yes no if you tey to lvp up only 1-5 char's but if you lvl up 6-9 toons yes you can , very easy till 55 lvl 55-65 is hard but you still can and 65-80 is very easy you just leave them in attribute territory to farm in auto Hunt
  2. @Juji hello there 1st of all I want to thank you for the real effort you put in the game the last month and more. Now the main reason I write to this post is that I want to inform you that this slowly progress of the game is getting boring like hell if you see after the last event the activity of the players drop down, do you @Juji consider to ask from dev team to skip the little content updates and just go to the next big update that will change the state of the game and be closer to jp classic or something like in a update that fighter class can PvP a mage and can do and farm like with
  3. Oh its easy to grind to 83 in elemental zones? Ok ill give you a Dagger top geared with full buffs songs dances and tell me the time a fighter class needs to be from 80-83. There is only one TH that soloing and he has crazy gear and obviously he loves the char so much so he didn't reroll or didn't quit playing the game. And lets be honest man even the best geared nukker cant farm solo in Loa, isn't hard for @Juji to check it he can log gi in loa and check the 5-6 parties are farming there
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