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  1. that are for clan buff not clan hall buff
  2. Teleports and Buff in CH sux a lot , what is that maybe a bug ? can any GM check that in giran CH only 5 buffs and 2 teleports what is that ¿?
  3. The most important think if do somethink with the adena cause all hunting zone are empty and is so sad remember go to search war many of these zones or farm for quest, and now no one there just some bots partys, if u guys dont fix the adena the server will die cause only player who buy adena from adena seller will continue playing this
  4. @Hime massive peep cant log in can u do somthink ?
  5. they pay 0 atention on server status and looks like they dont care about cause ban bots is less than 1 h and each day are more bots dont fix adena dont fix spoil areas were always in all server was full of peep are empty cause go there is only lose adena and time onlu warlords and nukers can farm
  6. so nothing new about fixing somethink inportant like always
  7. The only think become my mind its : GM`s are the adena sellers and till they not sell enough they will not fix adena rates and every day more and more bots im sure if they contrar someone for run around all map for 1-2 hours they can ban like 100+ bots every day and we talking of 1-2 hours of work with GM comands so they can teleport every were or run with 100000 speed , just in Execution ground more tran 30 bots same for gorgons flower , i hear in cruma 2 and bandits stronghold full pts also and they ignoring all.
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