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  1. a terrible service, I donated before the server will be 3/10 and until 1 week ago, the game was very badly set, create a new server, propose to pass lunchers and vips and not the answers in the tickets are that they will not be able spend anything ?? Really make us waste time, 3 days playing in gludio waiting for my vip, in which I lost time of my vip in Talking Island .. by any side that is seen, they do not solve anything, I hope that in these days they can give us our vips, in which already we lost days to change from server to gludio
  2. NeoK


    hello, I come to report a bug about the allegations of characters and to which the report buff arrives, I was playing normally and I did a restart of the character, when I managed to get in I had the reported buff, without any reason and without any explanation, no I use bots, I do not use any shit program and I have to have a 1 hour buff just because someone happens to report and I did not get any code to complete as there was supposed to be a code when they reported you
  3. Buenas, CP busca BP para ultimo SLOT, que sea bastante activo y tenga experiencia en la clase! no te pierdas de estar en una de la side mas grande del server! Talking Island Server -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, CP is looking for BP for the last SLOT, that is quite active and has experience in the class! Do not miss out on being on the bigger side of the server! Talking Island Server
  4. si yo tambien lo lei tocara esperar, segun dice el gm puede demorar hasta 24 horas
  5. no todavia no, espero que antes de que abra el server me los recarguen
  6. but it is automatically recharged in the account, or I will receive an email with a serial code
  7. Send a ticket and I await answer, ticket number # 21970947
  8. Today I made a donation of 50usd = 4000 NCoin, at 15:00 p.m. plus or less, but I still have not received the mail with the serial to claim the 4000NCoin for my account
  9. about the purchase of Ncoin made today, when will they be activated? because I have not received the verification email about the donation
  10. Server Talking Island We recruit for competitive CP, with experience in the class. Hours: 5pm - 2am answer by mp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reclutamos para CP competitiva, con experiencia en la clase. Horario: 5pm - 2am contestar por mp
  11. Someone can say me, how to play in mac?? thx
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