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  1. lineage 1 player for 10 years started on dep moved to loa fingers crossed lineage1 comes back
  2. https://mmoculture.com/2018/11/lineage-classic-mmorpg-celebrates-20th-anniversary-with-remastered-update/
  3. why still no info on server queue fix?
  4. gm can come on and post about event gm can come on and post about server maintenance gm can come on and post about shop but gm cant come on and post about server queues or is the gms emus?
  5. think lady kathy was sol leader when i played dep server
  6. yup i also still play lineage1 from time to time best game ever
  7. devilkane dep server guild sol loa any other ex lineage 1 players (on giran server)
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