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  1. I will do a new BUMP. We are looking for: The class you like best to play! We just want u to be happy! But we rly need ^^: BD/SWS/EE/SE/BP/PP and a TANK. OFC we need DDs, everything from orc`s to nerds^^ If ur a crafer we got a room for u! the clan will be lvl 1 to day, in 2-3days its lvl 2 then as fast we can we will have a lvl 3 clan Few of our main team quitted cuz it was "to"hard to farm here, but then we just change our aim for new people who love a challange best regard ObikanObi
  2. Reason ^^. Se got better fighter buffs.
  3. Report post Posted March 29, 2017 Who are we? We are called The Crazy Ones. We are an L2Sublimity/L2Gold clan. ObikanObi is the clan leader of TCO (ObikanObi at forums) Some info about your clanleader and subleaders: We are all over age 20, some of us work, study, got kids or own Companys, and wow some got a gf but we still got some time for Lineage 2! We are looking for new clan members that would like to form a new side together wit
  4. Nah greeks won`t talk English in clan chat ;-D GL
  5. Dude, Will clanchat be international or just Greece chatting like this Thread?
  6. Erica - ObikanObi Gladi Closed beta to c6 Teon - Tinkey TH
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