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PR Looking for advice


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2 hours ago, ddidllasdasd said:

level 21 PR looking for some guidance on where to farm/go.... i dont see any quests ? i've just been hard grinding spiders and abandoned camp
pretty much have starter gear if it matters

will be pain until u get ur elven/dark elven bow.  both of them cost x1 SSD so its nice to farm up until u buy better one.
"eye" type of monsters are weak to bow.at  entrance of wastelands *also mixed with ol mahum mobs
there are some bats deepest mithril mines that are also weak to bow but lvl 17.

i guess wastelands should be fine . dont "enter" inside the wastelands , just follow the road and u will find eyes/general/patrols

on lvl 25 u have moon knight quest  for D armor

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