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Live server worth starting on?


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I heard about L2 classic game back to this game after a many year hiatus, so far I think Classic is great. I unfortunately would have to restart at lvl1 on the live servers, this doesn't seem feasible as I'm assuming the only people playing this are bots and endgame players I don't think id be able to find people to play with till like 85+ looking at clan recruiting and LFG. Is this a fair assessment. I am actually really really sad to see the state the live server is currently in I bounced around different MMORPGS and never found one I enjoyed as much as my near decade of playing this game.

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Xping up to 95 or even 100 is super fast and easy right now. If you find a good clan with helpful ppl., even 103 is done quickly.

The problem will be gear. If you enjoy playing the market or if you have a LOT time, you might be able to make some progress gearwise. Or if you are willing to spend some cash on L2Store.

If none of these fits for you, I'm afraid there is no point to start, as the servers aren't in good shape. On NAIA it is hard finding parties out of prime time, even in prime time sometimes there's nothing going on.

If you wanna play to win, I mean you wanna be among top players, you will need to invest a LOT of money. Insane amounts. Far beyond sanity.

I welcome every new player on NAIA, but better think twice if L2 in the current state is a good choice for you.


PS: The game itself is still as awesome as it always was, and 100times better than the awefully slow and boring Classic version. But Classic does not have very much P2W (yet, it will come ofc).




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Level 30 and I think finding a guild is gonna be a challenge. There are lots of peeps running mult accounts. Doesnt bother me, but does show how tight adena/drops are. I would personally wait till some sort of merge happens and see what the playing population looks like.

That said, playing casually has its charms too.

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Just look for a good clan n talk to random people.. You will bound to meet some kind folks who are genuine about helping.

Personally, It was a shock for me when i returned to L2 after quitting in 2007. The game I remembered since 2004 is very different now.

However having said that, they have made many improvements and in some ways streamlined a lot of the gameplay.

Sure there will be many complaints about the game. Just remember that no game is perfect, learning and discovering L2 all over again is part of the fun.

Again, look for clans who are helpful with folks who can play at about your time... learn the many shortcuts in the game...

Play at your own pace with realistic expectations and rediscover L2 :)

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